Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd January 2024 Update: Bheema & Anand Exposes Narayan

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd January 2024 Episode Update: Bheema & Anand Exposes Narayan;

Bala eats his favorite meal. Ganga asks him to come back home. It’ll be great. House is incomplete without you. He denies. Please do not request me to come back home. Meera says that she has come from up to now and loves you.

When they attracted his meals to pacify him, Bala asks her. Meera denies. We arrived to make you realize that home is home after all. Irrespective of your loved ones, of the struggles, enjoy you. Let us go. He stays put.

I will not eat anything if you’ll induce me to come back home although I will eat meals if you’re going to come to meet with me. Later understanding you arrived to meet with me Proceed home or Baba will become angry two. He is hugged by them. They appear on as Bala walks off.

Bheema says I believe cash was got by Bala Bhaiya upon the askance of Narayan. He’s currently doing so to maintain Bhaiya. Guru ji says he’s a man that is mean. He’s currently utilizing Bala to make space between your family.

Bheema asks him what they need to do. Guru ji answers they need to bring out the fact before Bala. He moves indoors as the bell rings. Anand Narayan will talk truth is asked by bheema.

Anand says that he will. Bring Bala Bhaiya and I’ll bring the chief of that troupe there. Bheema asks him what he’s up to. Anand tells him it’s his turn.

Bheema takes Bala together with him to show him the reality. Anand is asked about by bala. Is he ok? Bheema says do not ask everything. Come along. Bala goes with him. The chief of the troupe (Kartik) finds them moving but his troupe states we do not understand what happened.

Anand compels him and struggles Kartik for a struggle. Kartik chases him to teach a lesson to him. Bheema keeps telling Bala to rush up. Bala attempts to be aware of what the rush is all about but Bheema doesn’t tell anything.

Anand makes Kartik chase him. Bheema brings Bala into the place that is stated. So that you may understand the reality, I brought you here. Bala asks him what he’s stating. Bheema says allow Anand Bhaiya to come here. You may know everything.

They conceal viewing Anand come there using Kartik. Anand locks Kartik at a space. Kartik is astonished to see Bala. Open the doorway. Anand asks Kartik two paise was paid by him into Bala Bhaiya for devices that are playing.

Kartik fumbles because he replies but his lie is caught by Anand. Bhaiya doesn’t perform so well you may pay him money. Kartik informs Bala to inform his brothers to open the doorway. Bala appears at Bheema in confusion. Bheema says we’re attempting to make him spill the facts.

When he or she fails, He’ll be in trouble. Kartik insists that he is not lying. Anand tells him to be fair. The outcome of lying is not excellent. Bheema says we understand you did everything on the askance of Narayan. Everything by yourself. Anand says that he believes he’s smart but he does not understand that what’s is known by Baba.

He’s gone to fulfill with Police Captain. Bala says that he is a real man. Anand says Baba understands the truth of Narayan or her. He’s gone to attract police captain. They’ll be. Kartik states I know that you are lying. Nobody will come. Anand tells him to see and to wait. Baba was Subedar.

Bheema and Anand inform him police captain defeats the offenders. Kartik states by between Bala within my troupe, that I didn’t make any error. Bala and Anand continue to frighten him. Kartik says I’m fearful. Bheema says you’ve played. It’s our turn now.

Among the troupe members is concerned about Kartik. The other one tells him but the man says something is fishy. Let us go and search for him.

Kartik confesses although Kartik asks for mercy. Bheema turns to Bala. This is the reality. Kartik says I’ve confessed everything. Please open the door. Police captain won’t spare me! Anand informs him that nobody will come. We did so to allow you to spill the facts.

Bheema points out that they played with his trick although Kartik is taken. Bala asks Bheema to reunite him that cash. Bheema says it’s in bag and luggage is concealed in college. Come home. Bala says I need to go prior to that. They open the door for Kartik.

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