Ishq Subhan Allah 16th January 2024 Episode Update: Kabir Knows the Secret

The priest informs Kabir the home wasn’t of Shahbaz, Ayesha got it from her dad, so you maintain the respect to your father, she did not inform you.

Ayesha came to me and explained that I must inform you if the time is correct and that her home has been given by her to her sons so that you ought to go there she said never to allow home divide.

The flashback ends. Kabir tells Shahbaz so that I will remain here, this is my home. Zeenat states that this is a family home. Kabir says you folks have gotten deaf that’s the reason why we must play with the dhol to wake up you. He moves in the home.

Ruksaar is fearful of Zeenat. Zeenat says that he can not do anything until I’m with you.

Imran sits Zara and Kabir. He reveals his food listing. Does Zara state this is a list? Imran says I consume a lot. Zara states where does this go and laughs? You’ve got an elevation that is little. Kabir laughs. Does Imran say I am being insulted by you? Zara states you need me to earn your food personally? You need to eat what I create. Imran says I’m going.

Kabir says I believed everything was completed when Ayesha expired and then Zara expired, Imran is my very best friend but my life is a dark spot, I only have hatred in my heart that’s the reason why I want people with love to be about me, you both are equally significant to me personally, you both want new water in a desert for me.

Imran says we just joked. Kabir says. Zara says we shall begin our strategy by tonight, Kabir says that I know what to do.

Ruksaar is fearful and hides in her area, she states I won’t be spared by Kabir. Someone knocks on her door, she states who’s it? She’s going to strike on the individual but the Zeenat of it. Does Zeenat inquire what happened? Ruksaar says I presumed Kabir came to kill me and yells, he’ll kill me. Zara sees and hides it. She believes that her actions are being paid for by Ruksaar.

Shahbaz believes that I can not participate in this home’ politics, I must deal with this town. He hears the voice of Zara dead, she calls him out. Shahbaz States

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