Nimki Vidhayak 16th January 2024 Update: Nimki Destroys Ganga’s Plan

Nimki Vidhayak 16th January 2024 Episode full Update;
Abhi says I advised Nimki not to go there but she does not listen.

Nimki is hoping to telephone Abhi but can not reach him. The instructor catches her and discovers her telephone, she states that are you? Nimki says they’re coming and I’ve informed the authorities, ” The goon claims to kill. Mahua says do not kill my sister, she inquires Nimki did you come here? The goon claims you decide who will die.

Nimki says that I am a politician, the authorities know about this location. They are beaten by her and begins a battle. Nimki states how dare you touch with my sister and defeats the instructor? The authorities come there and arrests them. Mahua hugs yells and Nimki.

Telephone is heard by nimki. It is the phone of the goon. Nimki says he’s not here and takes the telephone, I’ll phone you. Mishra ends the phone and says fine. Nimki asks the guy. The authorities thanks Nimki for doing so and rescuing the women. Nimki informs Mahua not to fret.

Shankar informs her that the authorities raided our location and all women are outside and comes to Ganga. Ganga states how can you allow this to happen and gets mad on them? Find out who’s behind this, nobody may understand that I’m behind this, I can not lose my electricity.

She requests Shankar to be sure her name does not pop-up. Shankar can be shocked and gets a telephone. He informs Ganga that Nimki is behind this. Ganga is shocked. Mishra says I advised you not to trust that woman, she’s a tragedy. He is shot by ganga in anger but he moves off.

Mahua coms house. Dumri yells hugs her. Tunee says we ought to devote the time he chooses her. Abhi informs Nimki that we must learn who’s behind this. Nimki says I need them punished. Abhi says these goons will inform regarding their supervisors.

Tunee tries to leave and sets Mahua in bed but she yells. Nimki comes there and hugs her. Mahua asks them to remain and has injury. Sweety says do not understand exactly what they did with her.

Mishra asks and yells? Ganga says I’m giving you an opportunity, ensure this thing is solved, do not leave anybody, if you need to kill them. The Union states your government is sorted and calls Ganga. Ganga believes that I can not miss this chance thanks to him.

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