Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd September 2024 Episode Written Update: RIDHIMA ESCAPES THE DANGER

The daily episode begins with Dadi putting Kumkum & turmeric on coconuts for Puja. Ridhima is with her. As they both leave, a mysterious human dressed in black with gas mask comes & puts replace a coconut with the 1 in that he/she’d filled something. He/She puts kumkum on that coconut & afterwards leaves.

Thereafter, Siya requests Ridhima where she shall put the plate with coconuts. Ridhima requests her to bring it to her. Siya is coming towards Ridhima when her saree gets stuck with the wheel of her wheelchair & coconut is regarding to fall.

Anupriya catches the coconut at the right time & states that she must be extra careful from these are for Bappa’s Pooja. She scolds Ridhima for requesting support to Siya in spite of servants being there.

She threatens her not to call her daughter again for her works. She leaves taking Siya with her. Ridhima wonders why she’s getting so anger however leaves the issue there because she’s lots of work (5) to accomplish.

After a awhile, everybody heads outdoor to celebrate the Ganesh Visarjan Pooja. Dadi requests Ridhima to accomplish the Pooja.

Vansh is regarding to leave. Dadi stops him informing that he does the last rituals for the Visarjan each yr.. Vansh states that this yr. is various.

Although, Dadi states that he’s the same & so is Bappa & persuades him to stay for Bappa. She applies red color on his own cheeks & afterwards requests Ridhima to accomplish the Pooja.

Ridhima does the aarti. In the end, Dadi requests Ridhima to pick the coconut & break it. Vansh looks in Ridhima & remembers vowing to teach her a lesson. Anupriya recalls her caveat for Ridhima too.

Aryan & Ishani accomplish the same awhile Ridhima picks up the coconut. Ishani shoots video footage. Ridhima breaks the coconut however nothing happens. Vansh seems confused awhile Ishani has a disappointed face. Ridhima gratitude Bappa for saving her.

Flashback begins. Ridhima sees a coconut with black Kumkum awhile organizing everything for Pooja. She wonders just how Kumkum got (1) black & notices that the coconut doesn’t even have haldi & she clearly remember Dadi putting haldi on each coconut.

She requests Bappa in case there is something unfair. She goes outdoor & throws coconut on garden. The coconut blasts. Flashback ends.

Ridhima gratitude Bappa for saving her & prays to gain power to stay in this home ahead too. Dadi requests Vansh to full the Visarjan Pooja.

Ridhima imagines that everybody is her enemy in this home & need her out however she wonders who’s the 1 who wants to murder her. Vansh dives Bappa’s idol in a pool of water with flowers.

Ridhima wonders in case the mysterious human behind her personal life is Aryan, Ishani (or) Anupriya recalling the arguments with them. She also suspects Vansh & recalls him manhandling her & shouting her for burning the painting.

She looks in him. He slightly smiles. Ridhima looks back in Bappa & prays that nobody can block her from completing her mission.

In night, Ridhima is washing her face in washroom when she sees a white paper with powder in it. She smells it & recalls the coconut blasting. She rules to locate out what that powder is however gets scared hearing someone’s footsteps & drops the paper with powder.

Vansh comes & sees that. He requests what she wants & what’s her next schedule. Ridhima rejects having any schedule.

Vansh grabs her by her shoulders & makes her sit requesting just how dares she. He states that he won’t let her go anywhere without answering his own queries & clarifies that next time he won’t even listen to Dadi so she shouldn’t think her as his own weakness. Ridhima clarifies that she isn’t there to harm anybody from she isn’t like citizens of this home.

Vansh states that she imagines citizens in this home need to harm her. Ridhima states that he might be the 1 trying to harm her & that is why she identified this powder in his own bathroom.

Vansh puts a hand on her neck & requests whether she actually imagines that he needs a powder to murder her. He states that his own hands are sufficient. He’s regarding to leave when Ridhima states that he’s already finished such a thing previously so he could accomplish the same with her.

An angry Vansh pins Ridhima over wall & repeats that he hasn’t died Ragini like he’s already informed her numerous times & Ragini really left from there herself.

He hits the shower knob & water falls on both Ridhima & Vansh. Ridhima struggles to free herself.

She states that he himself stated that not even a soul could leave this home without his own permission & even that he could locate anybody from any corner of the globe. She requests where & just how Ragini left.

Vansh requests why she wants to really know regarding Ragini & her mom & why she’s so much concern in his own past. He states that a spouse is the 1 who stands with her spouse & the 1 spying from behind is named spy.

He discloses that labour took that powder for the leakage of the sink.

He requests whether she got (1) her answer & is pleased, & he sums that he doesn’t give a damn even although she’s not. He slightly pushes her requesting her to leave.

Ridhima slips & falls in Vansh’s arms. Title track plays as they look in every different. Ridhima looks far away & is regarding to leave when Vansh stops her & requests her to leave after modifying.

He leaves. Ridhima imagines that he’ll locate out Ragini’s fact & wonders who’s behind her personal life.
Daily episode ends

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