Shakti 2nd September 2024 Episode Written Update

Shakti second Sep 2024 Written Update Begins With Sant salute Jarahna’s dad as their own children are going Wednesday after 21days. Parmeet imparts Jarhana her armband & reveals to her dad that Jarahana is currently their own lady in law.

Awhile Gurminder sees Virat’s hand wound & requests just how he got (1) wounded. In any complaint, before Virat could talk anything Jarhana come towards him & embraces him & states that she’s extremely glad.’

Gurminder states that she needs answers with regards to just how he got (1) wounded. Everyone sees his own physical problem. Virat concocts a rationalization & states it’s only a minor cut, nothing to gain pressure. In that point, Jaharna’s dad appeals that her repatriate house & they leave.

On the following day, Virat appropriates desserts to everyone within the educational institution & informs that his own marriage is fixed & he’ll Wednesday after 21days. Everyone is glad & eats desserts. Awhile Nuttan & various eunuchs are astounded to hear this.

In exactly that point somebody applaud from behind, Virat feels this is Heer & he offends. Virat imagines back & realises this isn’t Heer yet the kid who had a battle with Virat.

The kid offends Virat informing that Virat still just contemplates Heer. Virat blows up & requests him to shutup. Nuttan believes that as of now she’s just 21 days to unite Virat & Heer.

Preeto & Harak are glad to watch that Heer is occupied with her test arrangements. Preeto states Heer is concentrating tough & she’ll locate an excellent line of work (5).

Harak states that when Heer locates a new line of work (5), he’ll give everyone an extremely massive meeting.

Preeto states although once Heer locates a new line of work (5), we want to come clean with her truth & subsequent to knowing regarding her reality, Heer going to start loathing us.

Harak supports Preeto & inquire her not to pressure as there is no reason to worry thereafter on. In that point, Shano carries meal to Heer & appeals that her eat. Soham is passing by & Heer calls him & appeals that he feed her.

Heer states that on the off opportunity that she plunks down to eat, in that point the time going to be squandered, so on the off opportunity that he’ll take (2) care of her, in that point she could likewise contemplate awhile eating.

Soham won’t. Everyone gets stunned. Heer questions as to why? Rohan additionally states that Soham habituated to take (2) care of Heer in teenager. Soham states that he habituated to accomplish it before yet as of now wouldn’t like to accomplish it. Soham leaves from the point.

Heer gets tragic Rohan reveals to her that he’ll take (2) care of her & Rohan takes care of Heer. Furthermore, Shano goes to Soham. Soham gets some of the info regarding Soumya’s adversary & requests what’s her name. Shano informs Kareena. Soham appeals her spot.

Thereafter some children reach Virat to buy inflatables for them. Virat buys inflatables for them & the children becomes glad. Virat misses Heer in light of the truth that she also adores inflatables. Next, the youngsters leave & somebody named Virat.

Virat is stunned to watch Nuttan there. Nuttan reveals to Virat that 1 of those youngsters is a eunuch. Virat is stunned to hear this & blows up & he goes to the young lady & grabs the inflatables from her.

The young lady starts crying & her mom comes & chastens Virat for such carry out. Nuttan reveals to Virat that he has been playing with that young lady sometime back & promptly lost curb knowing her truth.

Nuttan urges him not to detest the eunuchs as they also are offspring of God like them.

There Soham goes to Kareena & reports her concerning Heer, informing that.

Heer is an eunuch & is the little lady of Harman & Soumya. Soham advises her to bring Heer to the universe of eunuchs.

Kareena believes that as of now the retribution of the old competition going to be completed.

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