Panther Attacks Again Near Pragpura Bassi, Jaipur

Pragpura  The motion of the panther at Shaheed Vikram Singh Nagar was going on continuously for the previous seven days. Baghera (Panther) has hurt many domestic animals in those times by searching two goats and a cow’s.

Because of this, the villagers also have begun to fear to escape those homes.

There has been a feeling of terror among the individuals of Panther, who’ve been proceeding for seven days at that the Shaheed Vikram Singh Nagar of Sudharpura Dhadha Gram Panchayat under Baghera police station Pragpura, for the last one week.

Panther has made a single cow and two goats. It’s problematic for the townspeople to maneuver from fear on account of the moves that are regular. Village sarpanch Umesh Yadav advised that the martyr is currently arriving at Vikram Singh Nagar into Baghera.

On Saturday Baghere searched 1 goat of the Shyamlal Dhanak of this town, 1 temple of a cow plus Kishore Dhanak.

Sarpanch and former Kailash Sharma, who didn’t return to the forest division, advised that individuals also have ceased leaving their houses. The forest department’s team officers haven’t come to capture Bagher till date, and this will be currently causing anger.

Sudarpura Dhadha Gram Panchayat Village Development Officer Vikram advised that the forest division worker was informed. In this aspect, Forest Department ACF Anil Yadav desired to find advice, but he didn’t pick the telephone up.

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