Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 21st December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 21 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (21-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 21st December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With its climax, you could see it here, just a minute left. Riddhima remembers Kabir’s words. Watch Vihan & Kabir in her. Vihan dances with her.

Malang / Ishq May Marjavan. .Place. Everybody claps. She States Please Help Me, Black Kabir. Kabir states it’s time to present the special arrangements I made for his own B-day.

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He plays video clip & states that Riddhima liked her as a child, as she’s as of now within the VR Mansion, where I stole some moments from her personal personal life.

Everybody looks in photos & smiles. Kabir States is the last & most part of the present day. He shows Vansh & Vihan’s picture. Everyone is amazed.

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Kabir States I’ve mentioned this before, however No. 1 didn’t believe me, you all excuse me, however this proof is going to prove me right, this human is not Wansch.

His own own look anyway, he’s playing a game with us, he’s playing with our emotions & love, no issue what he does, it’s fine, somebody’s not forgiven here.

Person understands just how much everybody loves Wansch, & in case Wansch is deceiving, afterwards it goes to a plenty of wounds.

Even afterwards you played with our emotions, say Riddhima, you didn’t pay for this look & his own home, Game Over Riddhima.

You don’t have 3 seconds as of now, Wansh’s here. He left us a long time back, Riddhima lived here with these partners & played with our emotions, she deceived on the Dadi who supported her all this time, just just how low she can fall down.

He appeals Riddhima to say the name of his own partner. The Dadi appeals this is just how it could happen. The love of Anupriya States son has left me discontinued.

Ishani States Riddhima may win the hearts & faith of residents of all time. Kabir appeals why this is happening, tell us.

He appeals Vihan as well. Vihan gets angry & breaks the projector screen. He appeals to turn & see Kabir, the answer is right there, half bro…. Kabir turns to see. He has been amazed in the envelopes.

Riddhima states the same wrapper as she stole from my locker. The names of overall entire family members within the Angre States are written on it.

Aryan appeals what’s the issue. Everybody gets envelopes. Kabir checks the pick. Everybody looks in their own own morphed photos, looking like twins in a pic.

Ishani appeals what it’s. Vihan States This is the nonsense that has been mentioned before, just how would you feel in case someone named you Ishania Lukalike, it means you hid it from us. .

I didn’t watch such a kiddish conspiracy on me, you weren’t a quite stupid Kabir, you organised a b-day party of Riddhima & proved my lookalike & Riddhima offender.

You didn’t think the whole entire family has been going to gain wound, you forgot the difference between right & unfair to prove me a liar. Vihan remembers making photos for all.

Riddhima Vihan has changed the time, I think Wansh is speaking, Wansh is finished with this. Vihan States You demonstrated me a picture of my whole entire family, someone you think IMA lookalike, From I Had Back, IM Tested.

Someone desires to fail me in this test, so you all question me, IM Wansh, I’m pleased that you all stood with Kabir again, your faces are showing that I should all the time prove my identity. They Throw Things. The nanny stops him. They appeal what you think.

Who I’m, I’m moving far away. Nanny States My Heart States You Are My Wonsh. WANSH STATES Only 2 residents know your child’s names, what accomplish you think, who am I. Ishani States Sorry, you’re my wansh bhai, I inquire nothing. Vihan appeals Aryan & Chanchal. Arya states yes wansh bhai.

Chanchal States I Know You Are Our Vansh. Vihan States You live as my shadow, what accomplish you think.

Angry States Are You Vanished, My Boss, You’re Going to All Time Be My Boss. Vihan States I couldn’t engage myself, Kabir has been my partner in both scenarios, what accomplish you think, I wansh someone you lost ((or)) someone else.

Riddhima My Faith You Didn’t Break My Wansh, Such Pictures Could’t Break My Faith, I Really know My Wonsh Is With Me & Going All this Time. Vihan looks in Kabir. They say that you were greatly wound by my repatriate, I think you’ve no work, you should prove me a liar.

Ok Kabir, I’m going to give you the right 1 today, tell me who I’m, Just Say It. Kabir States Wansh. Vihan appeals why you lowered your voice.

Have you lost confidence. Kabir States You Are Wansh. Vihan appeals what proof going to fulfil the want of all of you. Nanny States No. 1 is going to rise this query again. Riddhima states this is the second time this has happened.

Vansh is wound, Kabir to say the least, sorry. The Dadi appeals Kabir to apologize to Wansh. Kabir States IM Sorry, as of now you’ve no query for me you aren’t WANSH.

I Ensure, Wansh Bhai. The Dadi appeals all of them to go to bed as of now. Vihan Hughs Nanny & States Nice Night. He laughs in Riddhima. She remembers his own own words.

She’s gonna watch Vihan handles everything, however I’ve to spend the in the evening with him to actually really know the secret.

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Ongoing Updates: 21st December 2024 / (21-12-2020)

First episode date: 13 July 2024

Production location: Mumbai, India

Number of episodes: 63

Directed by: Yash A Patnaik

Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

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Ishq Me Marjawan 2 Cast:

  • Rrahul Sudhir
  • Helly Shah
  • Vishal Vashishtha

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