Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 18th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 18 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (18-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 18th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Kabir Requests Riddhima To Come Aside. He Requests Riddhima To Lift A Cloth & Underneath Lies Is Her Gift. He States That There Are 5 Envelopes & She Has To Pick Them 1 By 1. Riddhima Is Pretty Sure That He Has Put That Picture In 1 Of The Envelopes.

Kabir States In case You Are Not Prepared To Pick Up, Afterwards I Going to Pick 1 Up. However Ridhima Chooses 1 As Shortly As Kabir Approaches Out To Pick 1 Of The Envelopes.

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As Ridhima, Picks Ip The Envelope She Locates A Letter In It. Using The Letter Kabir Is Telling Riddhima That The Secret That She Has been Hiding From So Long, Going to As of now Be Exposed.

Kabir States That He Has Assured To Make This B-day A Residing Hell For Her. He Has Also Written In The Letter That He Going to Not Just Expose Her However Also Her Lover Vihaan.

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Ridhima Imagines That Kabir Has As of now Identified Proof Over Vihaan & He Going to As of now Expose His own Fact In Front Of Everybody.

Kabir Requests Riddima In case She Has Looked Inside The Envelope Afterwards She Must Announce The Theme Of The Party To Everyone.

Vihaan Interferes & States That Ridhima Is His own Spouse & He Going to Be The 1 Choosing The Color For The Party. He Chooses Gold Color. He States That The Ridhima Going to Look Gorgeous In Black & Gold.

Vihaan Informs Kabir That This Party Must Be Memorable However He Must Make Sure That Nothing Must Happen That Could Wound Riddima In Anyway. Kabir States That He Going to Not Give Them Any Opportunity To Complain.

Ridhima Frantically Searches For The Photo In Labour’s Room. Kabir Comes & Mocks Ridhima Informing That He Understood She Going to Begin Her Search For That Picture Quite Shortly.

He States That It’s So Sad That The B-day Lady Is So Worried Instead Of Enjoying Her B-day Party. He States That He Has Organised A B-day Party For Her & She Has Ruined His own Room In An Trying To Search For That Picture.

Kabir States That She Doesn’t Have To Worry As He Going to Be Gifting Her That Picture In That Party In Front Of Everybody. Ridhima Pleads That He Must Not Accomplish That.

However Kabir Reminds Her Of That Slap & States That He Alerted Her That She Must Never Cross His own Path. & States That She Has A Bad Habit Of Doing The Things That She Is Inquired Not To Accomplish. He Requests Ridhima To Go Far away As He Sings Happy B-day To Her.

Kabir Call Someone & Inquire Them In case Everything Is Prepared As The Party Is Regarding To Begin In A Little Awhile. He Gets A Heads Up.

Meantime Ridhima Is Remembering Vansh Informing That Her Personal life Has Becomes So Tough Without Him By Her Side.

Ridhima Afterwards Locates A Photo Frame When She Opens It In The Back Of It She Locates A Bank Transfer Receipt Where In She Could Watch That Vansh Had Transferred 5 Cr Rupees To Vihaan. She Tries To Make Sense Of Why Vansh Would Have Transferred Such A Massive Money To Vihaan.

Taking The Letter In Her Hand She Begins Walking Towards Vihaan’s Room However She Gets Stumbled Upon A Guitar & Falls Into The Lap Of Vihaan.

He States That He Has Not Given Her A Gift Yet & She Has Given Him A Repatriate Gift Already. He Informs Her That Her Destiny Is Bringing Her Closer To Him. He Requests Her Why Is She So Worried & Ridhima States That She Is Stressed Because Of Him.

She Informs Vihaan The Date & Inquire Him Why Vansh Transferred 5 Cr Rupees To Him On eighth Of Dec 2017. Vihaan States That He Going to Tell Her Everything However In The Party.

Ridhima Remind Vihaan That In The Party His own Secret Going to Be Exposed. She Blames Him For Being Casual Even In Such Worrying Times. He Informs Her That She Must Be The 1 Worrying As She Going to Be The 1 Getting Exposed.

He Informs Her That She Must Have Informed Him Regarding The Letter Previously. He States That Just Because Kabir Has The Evidence Right As of now She Is Feeling Stressed. He Informs Riddhima That She Must Not Worry As He Is On Her Side.

He States That In case He Is Able To Block Kabir From Exposing Her Afterwards She Would Spend An In the evening With Him In Repatriate. Prepared To Give Something In Repatriate As Well.

Pratima Gets Angry & Begins To Walk Far away However Vihaan She Is That She Is Trapped As of now. Because As Shortly As The Raj Singhania Entire family Going to Watch That Picture No 1 Going to Trust Her Anymore. & After That Everybody Going to Send Her Out Of The Home.

He States That All Of This Going to Create A Big Issue For A Entire family & She Going to Never Need That To Happen. He Warns Her & States That Her Overall Families Respect & Prestige Is In Stake As of now & She Is Clever Sufficient To Take The Right Call.

Vihaan Informs Her That In The Party E She Going to Have To Invite Him For A Flying Dance. He States That She Going to Have To Take Him In Her Arms & Afterwards Only He Going to Know That He Is Prepared For The Give & Take. Riddhima Rejects His own Offer Once Again & Leaves.

The Party Is Regarding To Begin & Vihaan Turns Off The Lights. He Is Creating Some of the {Arrangement} With The Kerosene & A Wire. He Lights Top With The Lighter & Awaits For The Explosion To Happen.

Vihaan Once Again Informs Riddhima That His own Offer Is Still Standing As He Moves Down The Stairs With Ridhima By His own Side. However Riddhima Once Again Turns Down The Offer.

As She Comes Down Kabir Informs Her That He Going to As of now Turn The Most Beautiful Moment Of A Personal life Into The Most Tragic 1.

Hi Gratitude Riddhima She Has Given Him The Most & States That Precious Gift By Bringing His own Mom Back To Him. Kisses That He Has Equipped Video footage For Her On Her B-day & He Hopes That Everybody Likes It.

Narendra Maheshwari That He Going to Show Vihan & Once Picture In The Video footage & Everybody Going to Gain To Really know The Fact However Kabir Requests Everybody To Await For A Little Longer As He Going to Put On Some of the Music & I Going to Dance We Have Once Again Remind With That Her Offer Is Still There & She Could Spare Herself The Horror In case She Agrees To His own Offer.

With Masses That She Too Has A Schedule She States That She Saw The LED Screen & Understood That Kabir Going to Utilize It To Show The Picture.

What Required To Be Finished She Has Put Kerosene All Over That Screen & Has Light Up A Wire To Ruin Everything.

However We Have States That He Understood That Shekerosene So He Swapped It With Plain Blue Water. He Informs That He Won’t Let Go Of Such A Golden Opportunity So Easily.

The Future Is As of now In Front Of Her Eyes As Only 1 Minute Of A Personal life Is Left In The Raj Singhania Home.

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Ongoing Updates: 18th December 2024 / (18-12-2020)

First episode date: 13 July 2024

Production location: Mumbai, India

Number of episodes: 63

Directed by: Yash A Patnaik

Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

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Ishq Me Marjawan 2 Cast:

  • Rrahul Sudhir
  • Helly Shah
  • Vishal Vashishtha

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