Indian-American student Randeep Hothi sues Tesla CEO Elon Musk

NY: An Indian-American student & Tesla critic Randeep Hothi has sued Elon Musk, claiming that the accusation made by this Tesla CEO that he “almost died” his own factory employees is abusive, the media recorded.

A doctoral candidate in Asian languages & cultures in University of Michigan(MI), Hothi has created @skabooshka Twitter account(a/c) where he fact-checked Musk & Tesla’s “posted says about the electric vehicle manufacturer’s automation, technology & production processes,” records

As per Hothi’s lawyer, his own customer initiated fact-checking Tesla via a Twitter account(a/c) “as a social experiment using crowd-sourcing info linked to his own social science doctorate work (5).”

Starting in 2018, Hothi, donning the character of a social activist, noticed Tesla’s production in its Fremont, California(CA)-based factory.

“He also documented building of Tesla’s Model three assembly line tent, spreading pictures with his own Twitter followers”.

Tesla also apparently investigated Hothi from their own end.

In 2019, Hothi saw a Tesla-owned vehicle with roof-mounted cameras on the road that has been recording audio, video footage & statistics.

“Hothi followed the vehicle, noticed it, photographed it & published the photographs in Twitter. In no point did Hothi either drive recklessly (or) endanger the safety of the occupants of the Tesla vehicle,” the defamation lawsuit read.

Some days thereafter, Tesla registered a civil restraining order over Hothi claiming he trespassed, stalked, annoyed & endangered Tesla employees.

The torture complaint over Hothi has been dropped by Tesla thereafter.

However Musk apparently hadn’t let the dispute go, as per the record.

In an exchange of emails with Aaron Greenspan, the boss of the litigation posting site, Musk stated: “As for the citizens you reference below, they’ve proactively annoyed, & within the complaint of Hothi, almost died Tesla employees”.

“What has been a sideswipe when Hothi hit 1 of our citizens can easily were a demise with six inches of difference,” the email furthermore stated, that was cited in Hothi’s lawsuit.

“As one such highest-profile & wealthiest persons within the globe, Musk understood (or) must have well-known his own accusations concerning Hothi would be conveyed to a world-wide audience & would result within the accusations getting substantial publicity,” the lawsuit said.

Tesla (or) Musk have been yet to comment on the lawsuit.