5 Differences between In-Person and Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most entertaining games within many casinos. This is due to the intense odds which are at stake. Players must anticipate the possible slot that the ball rolled by the dealer will land in. The name of the game comes from the French translation of the phrase “little wheel”, and the moving parts involved with the spinning wheel are part of the overall experience.

If you are new to roulette, or if you want to explore the many options for playing the entertaining game, check out Fanduel.com for more information. Here are some of the main differences between online and in-person roulette.

1. Convenience

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Firstly, there is a different amount of convenience that is experienced from online and in-person roulette. Naturally, in-person roulette requires players to be physically present at a casino in order to play or watch others playing. For some, this creates a high level of immersion that is unique to traditional casino games.

On the other hand, online casinos can be accessed from any place in the world as long as you have a smartphone or computer, and internet access. This means that players can enjoy online roulette can enjoy more flexibility than traditional casinos are able to provide.

Likewise, in-person casinos require players to visit within a specified time frame. This can be less convenient than alternative options, because players can access online roulette any time of day that suits them.

Online casinos are regularly monitored platforms that allow players to enjoy a range of different difficulty levels, interactions with other players, and different formats of roulette whenever they like.

2. Game Variety

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Another key difference between online and in-person roulette games is the variety of different games which can be explored and played at the same time. Traditional casinos offer several games that tend to be the more popular among large crowds that visit the venue frequently.

Because of this, there tends to be a limited number of roulette wheels that are available to place bets on. This can mean that there is a wait time required in order to engage in a game of roulette when playing the game at an in-person casino.

In contrast, this is less of an issue with online casinos. This is because online platforms offer a selection of roulette variants for players to explore, and they tend to have larger capacities for players. As a result, this means that players can enjoy watching and taking part in a variety of roulette games at any given time with online casinos.

Being able to explore a larger selection of online casino games when it comes to roulette can allow players to have a better understanding of the game. This is due to the unique variants which are available within any high quality online casino.

3. Cashing Out

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In addition, there is a key difference between in-person and online casinos when it comes to cashing out at the end of a game of roulette. This is because of the different options which are available for players using online casinos, which are not necessarily available in all traditional casinos.

Because of this, cashing out can be slightly more difficult with in-person roulette. Online casinos will display the amount that a player has won somewhere on the main display screen. Naturally, this is harder for traditional casinos to replicate. As a result, it is easier to lose track of total winnings when playing in-person roulette.

4. Speed Of Playing

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As we’ve mentioned before, the difference in game capacity between in-person and online roulette can impact the overall pace of playing. Online roulette has a great deal of automated processes which means that each player can enjoy a much faster pace in general per game. This can allow more chances of generating a higher payout on the whole.

Not only that, but online casinos tend to have a higher capacity for every game. Whether that involves watching other players place bets against each other, or if you are playing roulette through live platforms online, it is less likely that players will spend a long time waiting for a game to start.

Similarly, it is less likely that players will need to wait for there to be space available for them to play roulette with online casinos. This can play a significant role when it comes to determining someone’s overall experience.

5. Betting Limits

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Interestingly, online casinos and platforms that offer players roulette have smaller minimum betting requirements for each game compared with traditional casinos. This can allow players to make the most out of every bet, and ensure that their money is climbing in value.

There is a lower house edge that online casinos have, which allows them to place lower wagers on certain games. However, it could be worth making the most out of this by enjoying online roulette for a lower initial cost.

Similarly, players are typically given beginner bonuses when they are using an online casino for the first time. This is usually in the form of points or money that can be spent on certain games.

Because of this, players can enjoy even lower upfront costs when it comes to enjoying roulette online for the first time.


Roulette is a highly entertaining casino game which dates back centuries. It has always been highly popular amongst populations due to the unique amount of movements and anticipation that comes from a spinning wheel and a small ball. This is normally monitored by a dealer in-house, which is part of the appeal for many.

Nowadays, there has been an increase in popularity of online casinos. Online roulette has been used to attract crowds and encourage players to spend more time and money on certain platforms.

Because of this, there are a unique range of pros and cons that each method provides.

From different house edge to convenience, online casinos offer a different approach to roulette than traditional casinos. It continues to be a highly popular, fast-paced game regardless.