Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Episode Written Update 28 August 2024: Ganga Plans To Test Diljeet’s Intentions

Within the last daily episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan gets teary-eyed as she couldn’t hold her daughter in her arms. She accuses herself of being a bad mom however AJ tries to calm her.

Avinash informs Ganga that he got (1) wedded to her because she has been quite innocent however the latter behaves rudely with him. Everybody informs her to disclose Choti’s whereabouts. Ganga points the gun in AJ & her goons hold everybody. Suddenly, Guddan saves AJ & comes to everybody’s rescue.

Ganga informs Guddan that she’ll give bad information to them. Guddan assures to return her Choti in any cost. AJ tries to woo Ganga with his own new avatar Diljeet.

In tonight’s daily episode, Diljeet praises Ganga & showers her fraud love on her. Ganga feels flattered & falls for his own trap.

Ganga informs Diljeet regarding Choti’s kidnapping & showcases her video footage. Diljeet maintains requesting her regarding Choti & Ganga hesitates to answer. Saraswati gets irked listening to Ganga’s talk regarding Diljeet.

She informs Ganga to not trust Diljeet as he’s a stranger. Next in the morning, Ganga schedules to test Diljeet’s ambition.

Diljeet gifts her a royal portrait of herself. What going to happen next? Going to Ganga be able to identify AJ? Going to AJ pass in Ganga’s examinations?

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