Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th October 2024 Daily Episode Starts With The series starts with creating amber faces awhile watching the boiling chai & roasting the bread on the gas. He tries to block them from touching him.

Gunit comes out & states she must praise his own self curb. Amber goes to her & informs her not to give such a simple compliment.

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After a awhile, Pummy arrives & Amber immediately hides within the kitchen sitting next to Guneet. Pami requests in case she did anything for her stay. Amy grabs Guneet’s hand & holds Pammy awhile he speaks.

Guneet also sits down & requests to show him the same self curb he has been demonstrating a awhile back & hold her hand too tight otherwise it’ll break. Pammy requests Guneet where she’s gone.

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She holds up 2 potatoes again & states she’s taking them. Pammy desires to come house today & states she desires a downstairs room. Amber comes out & states the room is for her daughter so she won’t gain it.

Pammy & Amber begin to argue. Gunit shouts to block her & informs her that she’s a imagined & they meet there soon after. Pammy & Amber begin arguing. Guneth is bored with him.

On the different hand, ish Shi brings Nia to the workplace & requests just how she feels regarding going return to the firm that threw her out.

Nia remembers the speech she gave when she left workplace. She informs Rishi that she’s informed everybody that she’ll regret sending her the day she left. They sign papers for different colleagues to come & hand over the firm to Rishi.

He requests Rishi that all this procedures going to be finished before the news papers are declared. Rishi requests just how much it could take. He answers that he could accomplish it tomorrow & afterwards leaves.

Nia remembers getting the finest staff reward. She’s going to sms someone however ish shi still reminds her that nobody could tell.

Rishi informs Nia that she’s all the time put her heart before work, her friends & entire family however she’s to keep her mind on the heart in case she desires to succeed professionally. She agrees. Rishi calls her CEO. She’s excited.

Meantime, Swara requests her not to pressure regarding her engagement with her mom. Kabir looks up. After cutting the call, Swara states she must handle things for the party. Kabir requests her to give him some of the work. She agrees & afterwards leaves.

Thereafter, Gunit talks to Nia that Pammi desires to have a downstairs room due to her age, because she could’t walk down. She sums that there have been only 2 rooms downstairs, 1 for her & 1 for Amber & 1 for Nia, so she & Amber have been scheduling to move upstairs.

Amber comes out from behind the sofa & agrees that Nia & Pammy must be downstairs & he & Guneith go upstairs. Nia tries to say no to the idea. Guneet & Amber call it the finest resolution.

Rishi comes down & states he’s a great resolution. Amber states this is a entire family issue & they must stay out however Rishi states they’re leaving a room off the field so they must give their own opinion.

They suggest creating the Nia shift to the top as they’re as of now functioning together so it’ll be easier & Amber & Guneet going to also locate space & time for their own romance. Everybody likes the idea. Gunit laughed.

After a awhile, Nia informs Kabir that she’s contributing her move, & even although she’s just going upstairs, she imagines there is a big alter in her personal life: the new independent Nia RV. She’s going to Sir’s floor. Kabir looks unhappy.

Thereafter, Pammy & Amber sit in the table. Pammy suggests signing a contract to solve their own issues. Amber shows her a paper including all elements of the “settlement” between them.

There is a list of things Pummy shouldn’t accomplish & there have been some of the regulations that Amber must follow in exchange, in that he praises her cooking & takes her on a vacation once a mo. Pummy thing. They shake hands.

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Ongoing Updates: 28th October 2024 / (28-10-2020)

First episode date: 11 November 2019
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 149
Directed by: Anshuman Kishore Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Varun Badola
Networks: Sony Entertainment Television, Viacom 18

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SET: 10:30 pm (IST)
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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Cast

  • Varun Badola
  • Anjali Tatrari

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