“Eggs with Green Yolk”, Scientists in Trouble: Kerala Man Found His Hens Laid ‘Eggs with Green Yolk”

Malappuram: A K Shihabuddin, a resident of Kerala who operates a tiny poultry farm, has posted a few photos of eggs that are laid by his hens. But what is exceptional is that a few of these eggs contain “green yolk”!.

As per a news report posted by The News Minute, Shihabuddin had published a few images on Facebook(FB) of eggs with green yolk laid by hens in his own chicken farm.

Mr. A K Shihabuddin said all the eggs laid by that chicken have green yolk in it. When these eggs were incubated the chicken came from these also laid green yolk eggs. A few scientists from the nearer university came to his place to test these eggs in the lab.

Green yolk eggs

Malappuram is a little city in the state of Kerala. It works as the administrative HQ (headquarters) of the Muslim majority Malappuram dist.

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