5 Health Benefits of Using a Bidet Instead of Toilet Paper

Bidet is one of the very important parts of the bathroom with specific purpose. The bidet is a small sink near the toilet bowl that is used to wash the outside of the genitals and anus after using the toilet bowl or whenever “refreshment” is needed. While your first encounter with a bidet can be a little intimidating, bidets are, in fact, very easy to use (and hygienic).

So, the bidet is a useful thing that we can freely say that every bathroom should have. The fact is that the bathrooms are usually very small and do not have enough space to name more important things. Most often, that is why many owners do not install bidets in their bathrooms. Bidet installation is an integral part of plumbing work. Just as a toilet bowl is installed, so is a bidet. A bidet is a much better choice than toilet paper, and find out why below.

1. The bidet is suitable for people with special needs

It is a special part whose main purpose is to clean the intimate parts of the body when you need it. It is mostly used by older people, people with disabilities, and especially those with impaired physical abilities and / or incontinence. It is especially useful for people who have had operations related to the rectum or have chronic problems with hemorrhoids, prostate or genitals. It can alleviate the problems of many, especially the sick. Bidets are available in different designs.

So, in addition to the classic models: floor and hanging, there is also a more compact version – hygienic shower. It is a modified part that connects to a sink or ordinary shower. It is used in cases when it is not possible to install a separate bidet. Depending on the manufacturer and type of cover, they may have a modified design and include additional features such as drying. Using a bidet is helpful for women during menstrual cycles because it prevents or significantly reduces the occurrence of fungal infections and vaginitis.

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2. Flexible shape

There are different models of bidets and several ways of installation, but it always has the same shape. Taking a shower after every visit to the toilet is quite inconvenient. The bidet allows you to make the process of tidying up faster and more enjoyable. Thanks to the specific design, it will suit every gender and age. All you need to do is know how to use it. Depending on the bidet model, take a pose that will allow you to wash the desired part of the body.

Since it is used mainly after using the toilet, place shower gel and a towel near the bidet. It is best to use special products for intimate hygiene instead of ordinary soap. It is also advisable to use paper towels instead of towels for hygienic reasons. Advanced models are equipped with thermostats, which make mixing happen automatically.

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3. A bidet is a better option for certain health conditions

One of the most common health problems is hemorrhoids. Shame is the most common reason why this health problem is reluctantly discussed, however, certain hygienic-dietary measures can significantly alleviate the problems. Many of the problems associated with stage 1 and 2 hemorrhoids can be successfully alleviated at home. First of all, it is necessary to take great care of hygiene in hemorrhoids. It is recommended to wash the anal region with water, without the use of strong soaps or baths, every time after emptying the bowel. Since this region cannot be properly cleaned with toilet paper, it is necessary to regularly wash with water. However, it is very inconvenient to use a shower cabin for these purposes every time. That is why it is recommended to install a bidet, because it will make your life a lot easier.

It will also prevent the spread of bacteria from your hands. Thanks to this mechanism, you will be able to thoroughly wash a certain part of the body and you will not have to wonder if you are really clean. For example, bleeding hemorrhoids often occur and then rinsing with warm water helps. Low pressure hot water reduces the pressure on the anus as a hot bath would do. Warm water stimulates blood circulation in the skin around the anus. Numerous studies also confirm the positive impact of bidets on vaginal health. They are equally safe for pregnant women. Of course, it is not recommended to wash the vagina after each visit to the toilet because it has such a bad effect on the bacterial flora. The consequence of too frequent washing is mainly a vaginal infection.

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4. Toilet paper contains bad ingredients

The problem that arises here is that in most cases, such paper, and thus recycled toilet paper, contains BPA, which is notorious for affecting the human endocrine system. Toilet papers are produced in huge quantities, which means a lot of dead trees. According to the samodra bidet can reduce your need for toilet paper up to 80%. If you want to protect yourself from the bad ingredients of toilet paper and at the same time protect the environment, use a bidet. It is a far more environmentally efficient option.

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5. Helps with Crohn’s disease

It is another gastrointestinal disease that is more painful than hemorrhoids. It is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. With the development of this disease, inflammation of the walls of the small intestine appears, and this condition is accompanied by rectal bleeding, diarrhea, etc. People who suffer from this disease have to go to the toilet more often, and it is very hard to use toilet paper every time. The skin becomes more sensitive to touch, which is why rinsing with water is recommended. To make the whole experience more bearable, it is best to use a bidet that does not require going to the shower.

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Although it will be an acceptable alternative to toilet paper and does not exclude its use, this bathroom element still has many functions. It can also be used for washing feet, washing made children and other daily hygiene needs. Therefore, it is actively used in medical health institutions.