New Coronavirus Outbreak in China: 16 New COVID-19 Cases in China Shows Sings It’s Changing

BEIJING: China has reported 16 new coronavirus cases, including 15 asymptomatic cases, in the 1st coronavirus epicentre Wuhan, where total 11.2 million people are being tested for the virus, health authorities said on Wednesday(20-May-2020).

Chinese doctors are observing the COVID-19 manifest differently among various patients in its fresh cluster of instances in the northeast area compared to the original outburst in Wuhan.

These signs are suggesting that the pathogen can soon be turning into unknown ways & complicating efforts to counter it out.

Patients found in the northern areas of Jilin & Heilongjiang seems to carry the infection for a longer period of time & take so long to test negative, Qiu Haibo, one of China’s top ICU doctors, said on Tuesday.

Qiu said the longer time periods during which infected patients show no symptoms has created groups of family infections.

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