Delhi Election: “Absolutely Shocking”, Says Arvind Kejriwal On EC’s Delhi Election Turnout Delay

New Delhi: Polling for the Delhi assembly election finished at 6 pm on Saturday (8th Feb 2024). Over 24 hours after the polls, the Election Commission(EC) stated that around 62.59% of eligible residents voted out of 1.47 crore.

Delhi CM said that the delay by the EC (Election Commission) in declaring the final voter turnout for the Delhi city’s assembly elections held a day ago was “absolutely shocking”.

“Absolutely shocking. What’s EC currently doing? Why are they not releasing survey turnout figures, a few hours after polling?” Mr. Kejriwal tweeted, while his party EVMs or even alleged voter fraud.

Voting for the Delhi assembly election closed Saturday at 6 pm. Over 24 hours after, the Election Commission said about 62.59 percent of 1.47 crore eligible taxpayers voted at the polls, as opposed to 67.5% in 2015. The information is released on exactly the day of the election.

“Accuracy is quite important, it was taking the time to collate the information,” Delhi’s Chief Electoral Officer Ranbir Singh stated.

After reporting remarkably low voter turnout during the majority of the afternoon on Saturday, the Election Commission reported that a spurt at the turnout and published provisional figures in the conclusion of unemployment at 57.06 percent, however, officials said the amount was likely to move up at the final tally.

Throughout the daytime, many noticed that the gap between the statistics being reported about those and the Election Commission program.

Late into the night, Election Commission spokesperson Sheyphali Sharan published a screenshot of this program at 10:17 pm – nearly four hours after voting ended – stating that the”estimated” turnout has been 61.43 percent.

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