Central Govt Says Ready To Talk To Shaheen Bagh Protesters In A “Structured Form”

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today, (1st Feb, 2024) stated that the central government is ready to speak to the Shaheen Bagh protesters at Shaheen Bagh to clear their concerns over the amended Citizenship law (CAA), but it must be in a “structured form”.

The Shaheen Bagh protestors have been sat down for the last 40 days to protest against the discriminatory law, Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

“Central government prepares to speak to activists of Shaheen Bagh yet after that it must remain in an organized type and also the Narendra Modi govt prepares to connect with them as well as clear all their questions they have versus CAA,” he composed on Twitter.

Mr Prasad likewise shared a web link of a TELEVISION discussion in which he had actually taken part. In the discussion, an individual connected with the demonstration asked the preacher why the main federal government was not attempting to interact with the militants at Shaheen Bagh.

Mr Prasad stated it was an “advantage” that individuals were objecting for days yet some individuals were listened to claiming on tv that there would certainly not be discussion up until the CAA was curtailed.

“If you desire a Central government rep to chat, after that there need to be an organized demand from Shaheen Bagh which states all individuals there intend to chat on the topic,” Mr Prasad stated.

He made it clear that Shaheen Bagh was not the area to hold talks. “Suppose a person goes there and also is abused,” he stated.

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