A Day to Please Your Beloved

What holiday is always filled with joy, love and feelings? Of course, it’s February 14. This holiday awakens in us the most tender feelings and emotions that we want to share with our loved ones.

We always try to please our loved ones on this day and give original, unforgettable gifts. And what could it be?

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What should the best romantic decoration look like?

The heart is an external symbol of love and loyalty, which is familiar and understandable to every person on earth. Since ancient times, many people have used it to express their feelings, and nowadays no cute or passionate message is complete without this cute symbol. On Valentine’s Day, it is customary to give each other nice little things in the shape of a heart:

• postcards
• candles
• pillows
• figurines

Visualize an attractive pendant or old-fashioned medallion of this shape! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? possibly this is the beyond compare way to say to a girlfriend “I love you! ” The design of such pendants is extremely diverse – from simple and laconic budget-priced models to delightful with diamonds or rubies. In the more budget version, the insertion is made of cubic zirconia, which will shine as well as a natural gemstone. A great addition would be another pendant, for example, in the form of the word Love, a flower, cupid or a key.

Such accessories are usually worn on a chain or cord around the neck or hung on a bracelet. And it will be a great addition to the medallion – so you immediately put the jewelry on the neck or wrist of your beloved, and it immediately becomes a wonderful addition to her image or even its highlight.

If you compare such a decoration with any other, it will be much more romantic and magical, tell about your most tender feelings, make the lady feel loved and desired. What else do you need for a perfect gift?

The most important thing when choosing is to consider the preferences of your woman. All ladies are different, and their tastes for jewelry are also different. Some like bright and flashy gold models with large inlays of gemstones, and someone, on the contrary, prefers quiet and elegant accessories made of classic sterling silver. It’s worth finding out in advance which items dominate your girl’s collection and which she wears most often. Then you will not make a mistake in your choice, and your attentiveness and discernment will impress her.

How did Valentine’s Day arise?

Some historians connect this date with St. Valentine, a Roman martyr who was executed for refusing to renounce Christianity. He died on February 14, A.D. 262. Later this day was dedicated to couples in love all over the world. Legend also says that St. Valentine left a farewell letter to his jailer’s daughter, who became his friend during his imprisonment, and signed it, “Your Valentine.”

St. Valentine served as a priest in the temple during the reign of the Roman emperor Claudius. The ruler condemned Valentine for disobedience. It was not until 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius proclaimed February 14 a feast day in honor of the priest Valentine, ranked a saint.

We do not know and will never know how it actually happened, but one thing is certain: the young Christian priest did die in the name of Love. And this Love was given to him surprisingly much in his short life – love for God, love for the beautiful girl, love for the people in general whom he helped, and simply as a beautiful man with a huge, doing-good soul.

Interestingly, in England and Scotland, on this day young people arranged a kind of lottery, during which the guys drew lots – which girl would get a “bride” for a year. Thus, in these countries, Valentine’s Day was not only a holiday of “established” lovers, but also gave hope of finding happiness in love to those who have not found it. Later, choosing a lover everywhere became one of the traditional entertainments awaited with trepidation and excitement.

Despite the efforts of the church, one tradition remained on Valentine’s Day: men and women, married or single, drew lots to choose their sweetheart. Once together, the couple exchanged gifts and sometimes symbols of love.

This tradition of casting lots to choose one’s Valentine lasted until the 18th century. Gradually, however, there was a change. Both parties no longer exchanged gifts; instead, the man became fully responsible for the gift!

This new twist helped put a definitive end to the random choice of her Valentine. After all, many men were unhappy when they gave gifts (sometimes very expensive) to women they did not choose themselves. And now that everyone is free to choose their own Valentine, the holiday has taken on a new, much more serious meaning for couples!

Subsequently, lovers around the world recognized St. Valentine as their patron and on February 14 exchanged love notes. On this holiday there was also a tradition to dedicate poems to lovers, to exchange beautiful SMS congratulations on Valentine’s Day, to give small gifts such as flowers, soft toys and jewelry in the form of hearts. Various noisy events or balls were often held.

American Esther Howland was the first to send a valentine. Commercial production of valentines was established in 1800. In an American town with the speaking name of Loveland, the business of serving Valentine’s Day is a city-owned business. There is a large print shop there, producing Valentine’s cards of all tastes and colors.