‘Dum-ke-Roat’ Muharram delicacy in Hyderabad

Hyderabad(Hyd): It’s Muharram & so it’s to be the time for the delicious & crispy “Dum-ke-Roat” in Hyderabad(Hyd).

In this historical city popular for biryani, haleem & multiple different mouthwatering dishes, the ongoing Islamic mo of Muharram is the season for this sweet baked round cookie, made of wheat flour, sooji, vegetable oils, sugar, honey, cleared butter & dry fruits, & available in numerous leading bakeries in this city.

Well-known for its unique gastronomic culture, Hyderabad(Hyd) late previous year made it to UNESCO network of creative cities within the gastronomy category.

Awhile the famous biryani & majority of the different delicacies are available round the yr., there have been quite a few that going to be on the platter only on special occasions.

The holy mo of Ramadan is the season of lip-smacking haleem & throughout Muharram, it’s Dum-ke-Roat.

Like numerous different companies, haleem too has been hit tough by COVID-19-19 epidemic & resultant lock-down. As a precautionary measure, restaurants around the city didn’t develop the dish during this overall mo.

Although the total status enhanced during this last 3 mos, the business of Dum-ke-Roat has also taken a hit compared to recent yrs..

“The maximum sales of Dum-ke-Roat has been from citizens who habituated to take (2) it to the US, Australia, Gulf & different nations. As there have been no Intl. airplanes as of now, the business is down by 30-40 percent,” M.A. Majeed, boss of Pista Home, informed IANS.

Majeed, whose Pista Home popularised haleem during this last couple of decades, stated they’d also made some of the shifts within the recipe of Dum-ke-Roat to make it famous amongst all sections of citizens. “We add extra saffron, dry fruits, pure ghee, khoya, some of the rawa & different ingredients to act as immunity boosters,” he stated.

Syed Irfan of Subhan Bakery stated awhile the suspension of Intl. airplanes affected the total sales of Dum-ke-Roat, there has been no big effect on regional clients.

“The status has enhanced a lot this mo. Things steadily enhanced from the lifting of lock-down & during this mo, it’s much best,” Irfan informed IANS.

The sales volume in the famous bakery is estimated to be about 80 percent of the pre-COVID-19 times.

“Citizens have been quite much scared previously however they’re as of now coming out & purchasing different confectionary items,” he stated.

The 70-year-old bakery is famous for a wide variety of cookies, specially Osmania biscuits & Dum-ke-Roat.

“Beginning with Muharram, we sell Dum-ke-Roat for 3 mos. We offer a unique taste with a special recipe developed by us,” stated Irfan, whose bakery was selling the delicacy for 5 decades.

It’s stated that erstwhile Hyderabad(Hyd) state’s last ruler Mir Osman Ali Khan once offered Roats to an ‘Alam’ (standard) throughout Muharram for the safety & well-being of his own grandson, Mukarram Jah Bahadur. Following this, citizens initiated providing Roats in different ‘Alams’ installed throughout Muharram & this practise is still pursuing.

Over the yrs., Dum-Ke-Roat had become a delicacy throughout Muharram. Some of the families prefer to make them in house however a majority purchases them from famous bakeries.

It’s normally sold in 1 kg & half kg packages.

The rise within the cost of ingredients has made the bakeries & hotels revise the cost upwards by INR 40 a kg. This yr., the delicacy is priced between INR 640 to INR 700 per kg.