Qurbaan Hua Episode Written Update 17 August 2024: Neel Tricks Chahat

Within the last daily episode of Qurbaan Hua, Chahat sees someone outdoor her home & goes to see. She sees a box & gets happy realizing that her dad Dr. Baig sent her his own creation.

The unfamiliar human hides & sees Chahat. She feels that her dad has sent her the box & is elated knowing that he’s fine.

In tonight’s Qurbaan Hua, Godambari takes the box from Chahat & states that it belongs to her. Chahat tries to influence Godambari that she’ll write a sorry card & send it to her dad in this box.

Godambari informs her to go & buy the other box from that market. Chahat gets disheartened & goes to her room. She sees Neel cunning on the bed & informs him that she needs to sleep.

Neel informs Chahat that the bed belongs to him & she must sleep on the floor. Both Neel & Chahat gain into an argument.

Chahat schedules to trick Neel & informs him that he’s lost her mom’s earrings. Seeing Neel searching for her earrings, Chahat goes to sleep. Neel assures to seek revenge from her next in the morning.

On the next day, Neel makes Chahat know the rituals & traditions of his own home. He informs her to follow the customs ahead of Godambari. Neel informs Vyaasji that Chahat is an amazing cook. Vyaasji states that the lunch must be equipped by Chahat & after that he’ll give her the home keys. What going to happen next?

Going to Chahat prove herself ahead of Vyaasji? Going to Chahat be able to take (2) the box from Godambari?

Could’t await to locate out what happens within the upcoming series of your favorite shows like Qurbaan Hua?

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