Hyderabad: Patients win battle with corona but face kin’s neglect

Hyderabad(Hyd): Coronavirus crises have affected almost every ground of personal life, it’s also affected blood relations. Citizens have becomes devoid of all person emotions in this hour of crises.

There have been nearly 30 sufferers in Gandhi Hospital (3) those have defeated COVID-19 however are facing the neglect of their own family (4) members who aren’t prepared to take (2) them house. As shortly as the doctors reported the sufferers that they’ve tested negative for Coronavirus & could go house, their own happiness understood no bounds.

However their joy changed into distress when their own own family (4) members denied to take (2) them house. They’re looked after by this hospital (3) employees.

Even though the Hyderabad(Hyd) city became a hotbed for COVID-19, all this govt & private hospitals are crowded with COVID-19-19 sufferers. Amongst the numerous who’re being recovered, there have been 30 sufferers who were abandoned by their own family (4) members. These contain some of the elderly people who’re suffering from different ailments, there have been some of the mentally unsound sufferers also.

Supervisor of Gandhi hospital (3) Raja Rao stated that 30 sufferers were left by their own family (4) members in the mercy of hospital (3) employees. He stated the hospital (3) is already facing employees crunch to look after COVID-19 sufferers.

In this status leaving recovered sufferers within the hospital (3) is uncalled for. He stated these sufferers are fighting with different ailments as well, so they’re in risk of contracting COVID-19 again.

It’s best to take (2) house however the family (4) members are granting multiple excuses. Some of the say that their own home has single bedroom & there have been small kids within the home. They could be affected from that infection. Some of the claim that they’re confronting with the issue of unemployment because of lock-down hence they’re not in a position to pay the rent of the other home.

In case the patient is took house different family (4) members could also gain affected. They’re already facing fiscal crises in case remaining also gain affected with the infection they won’t afford medication. There have been quite a few sufferers whose family (4) members haven’t bothered to check them at the least once.

Some of the citizens denied to collect the body of COVID sufferers. GHMC employees played the last rites of such demised.