Beyhadh 2, 3rd Feb 2024: Maya & Rudra Express their Love for Each Other

In the present episode of Beyhadh 2, Maya saved Rudra from the river, but their love won on the revenge.

She assisted him to escape the river. Both expressed their love for one another. Read updates and all of the highlights of this serial.

Rudra told his love. But Maya believed that Rudra’s love is currently turning her helpless. Maya opted to continue with her love affair for Roys and remained strong. She conducted and she was followed by Rudra.

Maya began paddling a ship that was a dinghy. Rudra hesitated inside to plank jumps from the ship. Maya began carrying the ship in this river’s point.

Rudra proceeded towards Maya and she pushed against him. He kept asking for assistance. Maya recognized her revenge is accepted and supposed that Rudra is lifeless.

Aamir and MJ discovered that Rajiv is Maya Jaisingh’s associate. Ananya’s dad lashed on MJ and came. He cautioned MJ he has maintained MJ secret in shadowy but when Rudra or she will harm her daughter.

He threatened that he will pick his son’s love. Aamir advised MJ the Rudra telephone location is close Uttarakhand.

Rudra arrived and caught the rope encompassed by the boat that was dingy. Maya remembered Nandini Myra and Rajiv’s words if they succeeded that Rudra’s is hope for her. Rudra requested Maya to depart his hands or they will drown with the stream.

Rudra stated Maya the black color has been eliminated by him and took the pearls out. Her knife dropped took Rudra. She broke down and attempted to get back Rudra to awareness.

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