Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5th February 2024 Episode: Viraj Reveals Wicked Intentions

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5th February 2024 Episode Written Update: Viraj Reveals Wicked Intentions.

The episode begins with Anupam requesting Anurag to open the doorway and knocking at on the door. Anupam says I’ve the newspapers, provide and sign me personally it. Viraj says is Anurag here and greets him I m discovering Prerna, ask him to inform me if he finds her.

Anurag is greeted by Viraj. He is greeted by Anurag back again. Viraj goes. Anurag takes signs and papers. It is given to him. Prerna is with Anurag. Mohini asks Om to demonstrate something special. The rings are shown by om.

He states the ring has been purchased by that your bahu. Mohini says my bahu did not arrive here, she’s there. Om claims sorry, I’m saying about a woman, Anurag had come with her, and she’s the right. Mohini says no, she is not my bahu.

She moves believing Prerna is currently devoting carrying and Viraj a ring. Anupam comes. Anurag is asked for by her. He states he’s in a changing area. Prerna goes from the room that is changing. Veena asks the saree to try out. Prerna says I’ll try. Veena sends and insists on her.

Anurag asks what you need to modify, I’ll close my eyes, because Veena is outdoors, nice, you also are able to alter. She says that I know what explanation to create, I’ll inform the material is not comfy, the baby kicked. Wow is said by Anurag pie is mad on me. She says, baby is very happy I m here. She believes with you. They grin. Lights go off.

Dil ro ve…. .plays. . He holds her hands. Lights get on. They wipe their tears. He inquires. She states really…. Why we’re crying he says we do not understand. She states sorry. What happened, what do you wish to say, he asks. She says to me and you…. Mohini inquires and comes for Prerna.

Veena asks what occurred. Viraj what do you do is asked by komolika. He states I’m hoping to locate Prerna. She states odd, I looked for Anurag. He believes they’re together. Where’s Anurag Anupam is asked by her. He states changing room. Veena and Mohini claim.

Anurag asks what is the problem, Veena is being asked by Mohini, Veena should state where you’re. Prerna says the thing will not end. Veena states this shows your mindset that is little. Mohini says all rooms will be checked by me, you may see Prerna with Anurag. The chambers are checked by her.

Anurag inquires how did mom understand that we’re together, why is she mad, she’s doubting that we have an affair, such as Viraj is believing, I could comprehend Viraj, but my mom…

Mohini claims that this space that is shifting is secured, it means Prerna is using Anurag. Veena says Prerna does not do anything wrong. Anurag claims sorry. He stops. He receives her hands holds and flashes.

She says that you aren’t the motive. Komolika inquires is Anurag indoors and comes, Anupam stated he’s here, he is not answering my telephone. She requests the doorway to start out. Veena states Prerna is indoors. Anurag says that I will keep you safe, whatever happens, your admiration is imp for me personally, I’m with you.

Prerna comes out and says that I changed. Mohini asks her to proceed. Mohini does not see Anurag and enters the space. Anurag moves and jumps out. Veena asks did you really. Prerna says the material is not comfy.

They move. Mohini checks. Where’s Anurag she believes. Anurag and the physician collide. He asks how are you, thanks personally and I wished to meet you, the medications are currently impacting .

The physician believes this guy is accurate and pure, he must know the reality. He says that I need to tell the facts to you. Jagga is seen by Anurag. He also runs, and yells stop. He requests Viraj to grab him. Anurag is shouted by Prerna. Anurag stops.

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