Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 4th February 2024 Episode: Aliya Reveals Her Truth

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 4th February 2024 Episode Written Update: Aliya Reveals Her Truth.

The daily episode begins with Aman. He resists. A sword derives from ruins the cave and the sky. Aman is Jinnat King and nothing else occurs to him. Parveen gets stunned. Aliya and Roshni appear on.

Parveen states this can not occur, my abilities… Aliya smiles. The sword goes straight back to the skies. The infant is kissed by Aman. Roshni asks are you really currently nice. Aliya says hugs and my infant the infant.

Aman goes. Parveen says that I can not grow to be a human that is typical. She attempts to perform magic. She yells and drops down. She says that I won’t ever get my abilities.

Tabeezi says that I want to chat about Parveen. Dadi states I understand Parveen is ailing. Tabeezi states I let you know. Roshni Aman, Aliya and baby arrived home. Dadi inquires Roshni regarding the wound. Roshni says its scratch. Dadi requests did you find out that took the infant.

Aman says I do not understand. Roshni states I believe I understand. He asks her to not create any error. Salma says pay attention. Roshni says infants can’t be taken by humans to the jungle.

He says that I do not wish to speak, its moot, it occurred for you personally, if anything else happened to our kid then… He inquires Aliya to come together. They move. Roshni remembers Aliya and Aman and sits yelling. Aliya comes and offers a kerchief to her. Roshni is taunted by her.

Roshni says battling I did not start struggle for right and love is self esteem, your fact has come out. Aliya states my reality can’t be handled by you, you do not understand who you’re.

Roshni says no one may return between Aman and me personally, you depart from here I’ll make outside you. Aliya asks are you currently threatening. Roshni says you’ve observed, Aman is a Jinn and I’m an Ayana. She blossoms the buds and receives floral buds. Aliya seems on.

Roshni says there is one Ayana from the planet, and her title is Roshni. Aliya says there’s one Ayana from the Earth, her name is Aliya. She receives a snake. She uses her abilities and cuts of the flowers down. Roshni gets stunned seeing her abilities.

Tabeezi does a magical on the mattress of Parveen. She states this will burn off and it’ll be revealed that… Parveen claims that I’m a Sifrit. Tabeezi states you can not hide it I understand Sifrit are those from arrival, you abandoned the heart of Kabir within my property, you had a ring on your area, you risked the lifetime of everyone, you’re Sifrit.

Parveen says that I had been Sifrit, look . Why is not there any passion tabeezi inquires. Parveen says that I have magical or no power today, each other cans get, anyone can not harm, you can not prove I m a Sifrit, so there isn’t any use. Tabeezi states you are wicked, I’ll inform your truth.

Aliya says I m powerful, I’ll grab everything in you. Roshni says you’ve observed the energy, not enjoy, my link along with Aman cans violate. Aliya says this connection wills split, you do not need a baby. They assert.

Roshni states you’re lying, you’ll never get he’s linked with me, I challenge you, you will throw and your spider out of the lifetime of Aman, your match is finished, and my sport starts. She belongs. Aliya says I’ll break also you, your pride. The buds crushes.

Parveen says that I can not hurt anybody, I won’t ever get my abilities, the approach has finished. Tabeezi says I can not prevent it. Parveen will hit at me and says you’re Sautan, Aman is going to probably be hurt, so his heart will crack, if you need nice go, you will not prevent.

Tabeezi agrees. Parveen limits. She says it is going to hurt you a great deal in the event that you attempt to perform magic, I shall get an eye for you. She belongs. Roshni believes to inform about Aliya and comes to Aman.

She says are you mad. He states I’m trying, my love, is not currently letting anger. She says that you assured you may trust. He states that you made it hard. She says I’m stating the reality. He asks why not trust me, Aliya is my own previous.

She states what will I do why previous is arriving in the current if beyond is stiff. He states nothing is being done by Aliya, not one could come. Aliya moving in the gown is seen by her. She was stunned.

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