Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 6th February 2024 Episode: Roshni & Aman Finds Baby

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 6th February 2024 Episode Written Update: Roshni & Aman gets baby’s details.

The daily episode begins with Roshni crying. Farah asks her to not shout. Aliya comes to taunt her. Farah says you didn’t set my pic. Saima jokes viewing her youth pic. Aman asks Chotu to find the ball of the baby. Dadi says I’ll get one that is other. Roshni finds that and comes the infant. She sees his eyes.

She sees forces in his hands. She remembers Kabir and has stunned. She states it means that he is not the infant of Aman and gets off, I got the evidence. Aman asks what exactly do you wish to establish.

Roshni says keep patience. Roshni asks infant to observe the ball, it is throwing. Aman says infant is crying, give the ball. Roshni says do not provide the ballsee I’m pitching the ball, I’m trying to anger . Aman inquires why. Zaher into infant sends and worries. Roshni states it will be known by you . Baby does not respond. Ball is given by aman. He inquires Roshni to not make baby shout. Roshni says when baby cries that I get hurt, I wish to show everybody if he yells, that infant’s eyes turn blue. What is asked by him. She is taken by aman.

He says I had been promised by you. She says I was assured by you. He says it wasn’t kept by you. She says it wasn’t kept by you. He says that it wasn’t proven by you, baby cried, his eyes did not turn gloomy, please stop it, prepare, its infant’s naming ceremony.

He belongs. She asks how will I describe Aman. Aman claims Roshni is becoming prepared and comes, we’ll begin rasam Roshni is nice.

Roshni is come to by farah. Roshni states her anaconda and Aliya neglect my strategy. Farah says its demonstrated that infant is of Aman, the feather went to him. Roshni recalls. She states Parveen was there.

Farah says she can not be baby’s daddy. Roshni says she’s something in pic some newspaper or her hand. She assesses. Parveen asks what exactly are you really doing here and comes. Roshn says a publication was given by that you . Parveen believes I can not tell anything. She says nothing.

Roshni says I’d seen it, please inform me, do not conceal. Parveen inquires will the photograph be hidden by me. Roshni states it means you had please. Parveen says work is currently beginning, I’m going. She belongs. Roshni says that pic will be found by me. She becoming mad and looks around.

The furniture flies. That the pic is seen by her. She sees Parveen with Kabir. She states that this baby resembles Aliya’s infant, how. She reads, the name on the pic of Kabir. She states that it means baby is of Kabir, maybe not Aman. Aman says we’ve determined Aamir, that the infant’s name. Phupi jokes. Aman says Aamir signifies a ruler, king. Dadi says , we are being ruled on by him because he arrived here. Aliya says his title is Aamir Aman… Roshni states Kabir Junaid Khan. Everybody becomes shocked.

Roshni states the complete name of that the baby is Aamir Kabir Junaid Khan. Dadi says he’s the infant of Aman. Roshni states this moment, , the infant of its Kabir, I have evidence. The pic is shown by her.

She states the youth pic of its Kabir. The pic is seen by aman. He asks how can you understand the pic of its Kabir. Roshni asks the pic to flip and watch. She inquires the pic of its Kabir, state to . Kabir moved off, although dadi says that he seems like one year old, Parveen tell. Parveen states I went on to see Kabir sorry, so I did not inform you.

Exactly what is asked by aman. Roshni asks what could be evaluation. What is asked by salma . Roshni states DNA as Kabir is the brother of Aman matched, infant belongs to the family.

Aliya believes was this pic got by Roshni. Aman says Aliya…. Roshni says she’s lyingno use to ask her, she’s considering a narrative that is new. Aliya says you’re lying, its not mandatory that the face of baby fits his parents, what is surprising that the face of my baby fits it does not imply Kabir is my kid’s father.

Aman inquires how can you understand that Kabir has silky hair. Aliya says his photographs have been seen by me.

Phupi says we do not possess the pics of Kabir. Aliya says someone informed me. Roshni states nobody told you, you understand Kabir this is the infant of Kabir, I’m stating the fact, it was being said by my Ayana feeling, trust me.

Aliya believes I will grab you and says she’s insecure. She inquires her personality to not be stained by Roshni. Roshni says I’m stating that the truth, I’ll bring out every reality. Aliya says I’m going. Roshni says proceed, you keep sayingthat you move. Aliya says you stopped me to insult, infant’s life is at risk.

Roshni says infant is at risk for you. The balloon is taken by aman . He moves off. The infant cries. His eyes turn blue. Everybody and aman get shocked. His palms have the magical. Dadi says Kabir used to perform this. Aliya worries. Roshni says 1 day lie needed to defraud, it occurred. Aman seems at Aliya and gets mad.

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