Beyhadh 2, 26th March 2024 Episode 87: Vikram Sees Maya & Her Mom Together

Beyhadh 2, 26th March 2024 Episode 87 Written Update: Vikram Sees Maya & Her Mom Together.

The episode starts with Vikram says, bond, mother and daughter’s bond, he tells game rules, you both should not cross this line. The doorbell rings, Vikram goes to see who’s that.

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Again the delivery boy appears and says sir asked me, not to take tip, so came to return it, Vikram takes the money back, the delivery boy asks water to drink, Vikram replies no, water is over, take this money and drink juice, he takes the money and goes.

Vikram comes back and sees Maya and her Mother were closer and crossed the line, Vikram says now Mammiji has to go out for Vanvaas.

Rudra recalls the past of his love with Maya and bond with his younger brother Rishi. His mom comes and asks what do you do,

Rudra promises her mother, that he will kill Maya, he sasys, if my hands shake while killing Maya I will kill myself first in that case.

MJ gets CCTV footage of Rudra’s attack, he sees it. MJ came to know Vikram’s father’s address.

Vikram ties Maya’s hands and asks her to stop crying. Maya requests, please leave me.

Maya asks Vikram if you really love me then prove your love.

Rudra recalls the past and hates Maya, the background song plays.

In the next promo, Rudra stops at Maya house, Maya throws a paper onto Rudra’s car with the word HELP written on it. Rudra sees at Maya’s house…Stay updated on the next episode of Beyhadh 2, 27 March 2024 on Logical Daily.

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