Kumkum Bhagya 27th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Kumkum Bhagya 27th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Aaliya hits Pragya’s cab to murder her.

The citizens surround her & scold her for the crash. Aaliya informs that she could take the sufferer to the {hospital}. The citizens agree & send the lady with Aaliya.

Aaliya gets a shock to watch some of the different lady instead Pragya. She didn’t realize that she lost Pragya.

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She desires to really know where did Pragya go. Pragya approaches the factory to meet Abhi. She takes Abhi’s car keys so that he doesn’t go anywhere.

Aaliya pays the person & requests him to take the lady to the {hospital}. Aaliya imagines she’s made a error.

She didn’t really know her schedule going to result into this. She doesn’t need Pragya & Abhi to unite. She imagines to lie to Abhi regarding Rhea’s complications.

She calls Abhi & fails to approach him. She calls the factory number. She learns that no 1 has come to meet Abhi. She requests Manish to send far away Abhi as shortly as possible. She commands him to switch off the main lights within the factory. She requests him not to let any lady meet Abhi. Manish doesn’t know what she meant.

Manish locates Pragya coming to meet Abhi in the factory. He appeals her to block. He desires to at the least switch off the lights so that Pragya doesn’t meet Abhi. Pragya & Abhi meet within the machinery dept. when the power goes off.

Pragya sees Abhi & requests him to block. Abhi recognises her voice. She informs him that she’s Prachi’s mom. She doesn’t need him to go far away by creating any excuse. She’s met him after a long time. He recalls the bad segregation.

He realises that he’s broken ties with Prachi, who’s actually his own daughter. The memories gain flashing ahead of his own eyes. He cries realizing Prachi is his own daughter. He feels so sorry. Pragya doesn’t watch his own face. She scolds him for not being fair towards Rhea & Prachi as well.

The raid ends. The officials leave. Aaliya approaches the factory & hits the official’s car. The official stops her. Aaliya commands him to leave from that factory.

The official angrily answers her back. Aaliya gets involved within the talk. Pragya informs Abhi that she’s given great values to Prachi. She informs that Prachi behaves well with Rhea, because she’s quite loving.

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She defends Prachi. She informs that Prachi could never break Ranbir & Rhea’s relation, Ranbir loves Prachi & its his own choice.

She informs that Prachi’s dad isn’t with her due to the status. She doesn’t need him to comment on Prachi’s dad. She defends her spouse. She’s proud of her values. She feels Abhi didn’t give love to Rhea & made her bitter. Abhi feels he’s lacked in granting a great upbringing to Rhea.

Pragya informs that Prachi has been crying just because he has been heartbroken. She discloses Rhea’s crimes to Abhi. Abhi is stunned to really know it.

The official warns Aaliya. Aaliya gets enraged. She desires to locate Abhi & take him far away. Manish requests Aaliya in case there is any issue.

He reports that he couldn’t block the lady from going to Abhi. Pragya informs that she’s the confession of the truck driver, who has been sent by Rhea. She confesses that she’s slapped Rhea, who has been just insecure with Prachi. She informs that its Rhea’s error, its error of his own upbringing, he didn’t give security to Rhea.

She informs that she’d spared Rhea & didn’t take any legal action over her, knowing she’s selfish & arrogant. She informs that she feels some of the connection with Rhea, she shares a strange bond. She reprimands Abhi for hurting Prachi by his own taunts.

She feels he could give his own amount however not give his own love. She informs that no dad could accomplish unfair with a daughter, even in case the relation is namesake. She requests him just how can he wound Prachi’s heart by informing bitter things.

She informs the difference between them. She informs that she’s made a relation with Rhea & kept it. She counts his own errors. She informs that children want parents’ love, not their own wishes.

She loves Rhea, who’s great in heart. She counts Rhea’s errors, from Rhea has all the time proved Prachi unfair. She informs that Rhea has defamed Prachi. She feels angry on Rhea.

She imagines Abhi has changed his own daughter unfair. She blames him for wronging Prachi’s personal life. She breaks down.

Abhi understands her pain. She sheds tears. Pragya threatens her. Aaliya requests Manish not to let the lights gain on. She warns to fire him. She desires Abhi & Pragya’s misunderstanding to stay between them. Pragya informs Abhi that she’s pleased that he isn’t Prachi’s dad. She feels he’s broken the illusion of a great human.

The lights gain on. Pragya & Abhi gain to watch every different’s face. Pragya could’t believe that he’s Mr. Mehra, Rhea’s dad, who she didn’t meet till as of now. Her anger melts in a moment when she sees him. They both break down into tears of happiness.

Aaliya worriedly approaches them. Pragya requests Abhi is he Rhea’s dad. He informs Pragya that he’s Rhea’s dad, Mr. Mehra. He didn’t really know that Prachi is her daughter, their own daughter.

Pragya gets happy to really know that Rhea is her daughter. They both regret to break the hearts of their own daughters. Aaliya locates them together. She’s upset that they’ve united. Abhi & Pragya distribute their own happiness. They fail to express their own feelings. Aaliya overhears their own discussion.

He feels he isn’t a great dad. He informs that Rhea is stubborn, however great in heart. Aaliya desires to make them over by utilizing their own love for their own daughters.

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First episode date: 15 April 2014
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 1,663
Directed by: Jaladh. Sameer Kulkarni
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Kumkum Bhagya Cast:

  • Shabir Ahluwalia
  • Sriti Jha
  • Shikha Singh
  • Mugdha Chaphekar

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