Babri Masjid Miracles: After Multiple Cranes Stopped Working, Quran Recitation Heard At Night, Says Watchmen

According to sources, the ruling party (BJP) has sent multiple cranes to demolish Babri Masjid and start the construction of Ram temple. When cranes started to destroy the Babri masjid, all of a sudden, all cranes stopped working.

Following, this surprising incident crane workers got scared and left from there. Soon after the incident, PM Modi and BJP giant leaders have received this news. PM Modi and BJP ‘s key leaders shocked and worried about the miraculous incident, as reported by a private source.


The news spread like a wildfire among the ruling party and social media. As reported by watchmen, they heard the Holy Quran recitation inside the Babri Masjid at night.

It is also reported that the ruling party has sent several renowned pandits to perform prayers to make things normal. When pandits started their prayers, they have seen strange creatures (Jinn or Angels) due to which they ran away from the location and informed the government that this task is out of their scope, as stated by the report.

Update: 6-Feb-2020

CCTV and Drone Camera footage caught inside Babri Masjid

Multiple CCTV cameras and drone cameras have been installed inside and outside of the Babri Masjid monitoring almost every spot possible, as per a recent report.

The report also stated CCTV and drone cameras have caught a strange creature that scares any human, staff hired to monitor those cameras throughout the day have left their duties due to fear.

BJP’s higher authorities have also shocked and scared of these events that took place serially, the report added.

Note: With input from SM and our agency reporters, this article needs more resources for further verification.

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