The MiDaS Touch – SCs & STs

Provision & safeguards for Backward Lessons & specially for SCs & STs were incorporated within the Constitution of India(In) within the social, economic, political, educational, cultural & solutions fields. Discuss why “political”. Don’t give me that basic, oversimplified long periods of historic discrimination line. We all really know that. India(In)’s biography didn’t block with the advent of the Constitution. The Constitution marked a alter. Our biography didn’t block.

& the biography after 1950, suggests systematic along with systemic discrimination over Muslims. That is okay. Discrimination, born of a feeling, correct (or) misconceived, that Muslims have been accountable, is utilized as a retaliatory measure, although I question claimed guilt of any claimed discrimination meted out by past emperors could be laid in my doorstep, for in spite of what distorted versions of biography may say, targets & invasions had little in case anything to accomplish with Islam, & everything to accomplish with expansionist trends in all empires of the time, from regional chieftains to Rajput kings to Mughal emperors.

Banjaras in Telangana (TL) are announced a planned tribe

Article 46 Constitution of India(In) gives, “The State shall foster with special care the educational & economic interests of the weaker sections of the citizens, & in specific, of the Planned Castes & the Planned Tribes ….” That’s great as attempt to bring them as many as par with remaining free from discrimination. 2 points: 1, the reservations have been to last for 10 yrs.. In case it has been asserted afterwards that reservations would continue for fifty yrs., no 1 would’ve accepted to such provisions. In case it has been a show of extensions because of stress of benefited teams & political considerations, it’s unfair to those who accepted for the provisions on the basis they’d last 1 decade. In case it has been predetermined that it’d be sold as for a decade however continued indeterminately, it has been a Constitutional fake. 2, from Muslims faced & continue to face discrimination & even hostility, in quite numerous elements of domestic personal life, as of now extra even from private entities & persons, shouldn’t similar protective-of-rights consideration be shown to them.

Come to think of it, won’t reservation whether for SC, ST, (or) Muslim, adversely effect competitiveness, merit, leave the country lagging behind? It’ll, however we’ve reservations, & awhile we’ve them, we could’t wish far away the facts. So, we’ll merely leave queries for domestic intellects to ponder over, & move to a extra crucial view.

Reservation of seats for SCs/STs in regional bodies of States/UTs, Legislative Assemblies of States & in Parliament are given within the Constitution.

Article 243D Reservation of seats:- (1) Seats shall be reserved for (a)the Planned Castes, & (b) the Planned Tribes in each Panchayat & the no. of seats so reserved shall bear, as nearly as may be, the same proportion to the overall no. of seats to be filled by direct election in that Panchayat as the public of the Planned Castes in that Panchayat region (or) of the Planned Tribes in that Panchayat region bears to the overall public of that region & such seats may be allocated by rotation to various constituencies in a Panchayat.

243T. Reservation of seats:- (1) Seats shall be reserved for the Planned Castes & the Planned Tribes in each Municipality & the amount of seats so reserved shall bear, as nearly as may be, the same proportion to the overall no. of seats to be filled by direct election in that Municipality as the public of the Planned Castes within the Municipal region (or) of the Planned Tribes within the Municipal region bears to the overall public of that region & such seats may be allocated by rotation to various constituencies in a Municipality.

330. Reservation of seats for Planned Castes & Planned Tribes within the Home of the Citizens:- (1) Seats shall be reserved within the Home of the Citizens for (a) the Planned Castes; (b) the Planned Tribes except for the Planned Tribes within the autonomous dists of Assam(AS); & (c) the Planned Tribes within the autonomous dists of Assam(AS).  (2) The no. of seats reserved in any State (or) Union territory for the Planned Castes (or) the Planned Tribes under clause ( 1 ) shall bear, as nearly as may be, the same proportion to the overall no. of seats allocated to that State (or) Union territory within the Home of the Citizens as the public of the Planned Castes within the State (or) Union territory (or) of the Planned Tribes within the State (or) Union territory (or) part of the State (or) Union territory, as the complaint may be, in respect of that seats are so reserved, bears to the overall public of the State (or) Union territory.

Panchayat, Municipality, Legislative Assembly, Parliament. We could go on referring, however you’ve got (1) the hang of it. Govt makes policy. Policy requires implementation. An official could be dedicated towards implementation. He could be casual towards it. He could be callous & accomplish his own finest to disregard it. It’s only in case he’s a stakeholder within the result that he’ll be dedicated sufficient to make sure the success of the policy, & the policy going to watch implementation. In case he’s not affected by this policy, it may quite well not be there in all, for everyone he cares.

The Muslims are backward. There have been Minority Welfare Branches. The welfare result: what’s that, in relation to policy? 7 decades into the Constitution, they remain backward. Discrimination is felt in medication by authorities, claimed in medication by judiciary, accessibility to accommodation, in police interrogations…the list is long. As an example, take (2) any dept. that imposes law referable to its jurisdiction. In case a crime is claimed violative of policy that assures rights of, for instance equal medication, non-discrimination, accessibility to accommodation, hospital (3) medication…of a Muslim qua a Muslim, in the hands of someone, may be even the other Muslim, a human who identifies himself as a stakeholder within the imposing of that policy is extra likely to take (2) required action than 1 who wouldn’t give a damn whether this sufferer gets (or) doesn’t gain what he’s entitled to. Extrapolate, you’ll always gain the same result.

Why are all those SC, ST authorities, political workplace students, vested with rights to workplace, in case not as a evident Constitutional recognition of the principle that in case the policy of the State is to locate efficient implementation, not just lip service, the implementation of that policy should be within the hands of those who pertain to the same crowd as the focus crowd, those who identify with the crowd intended to be benefited by that policy?

Equal Opportunities legislation, Prevention of Communal Violence legislation, assures like D K Basu, political allocation of funds, budgetary allocation of Minority Welfare Branches, the expenditure of those budgets not allowing them to lapse so that that lapsing could be cited next financial as reason to scale down the specific budgetary allocation… watch where it leads?

What’s this peculiar spelling of MiDaS Touch? Well, I coined it from Minorities & Dalitgetting their own due as a healing touch to heal the country of discriminatory unjust creation, & insensitive non-implementation, of beneficial policies. So, think regarding this: discussing Constitutional recognition of the principle of representation, shouldn’t political offices & proportionate-to-population seats be marked for MiDaS in proportion to their own populations, for efficient implementation of safeguards to MiDaS?