At least 12.5M Muslims died in wars in last 25 years: Expert

Istanbul: Some of the 12.five mln Muslims were died in wars during this last 25 yrs., a Turkish scholar stated Sat..

Talking in a conference in Istanbul, Refik Turan, head of the Turkish Historic Community, stated that during biography humans have fought & war is an inevitable truth of personal life.

Wars in nation

“Normally war is between 2 states, however there have been wars in the nation as well. The results of a war can’t be predicted. Wars are a truth of our lives,” he stated in the “Globe Wars, Turkey & Syria on Unending Struggles for Power” conference.

“As per a previous study, the amount of Muslims who passed away within the conflict & wars within the globe within the last 25 yrs. have approached 12.five mln. This almost amounts to the losses in a Globe War.”

US, Russia, Iran don’t need peace in Syria: Turan

Turan also stated that the U.S., Russia, & Iran don’t need peace in Syria, & the result is obvious.

“Turkey addresses 80 per cent [of problems] in Syria. No 1 has this sort of potential. After the terrorists are clarified from Manbij, a ray [of hope] going to light up all of Syria.”

Syria was locked in a vicious civil war from 2011 when the Assad regime cracked down on pro-democracy rallies with unexpected ferocity.

From afterwards, hundreds of large number of citizens were died within the conflict, as per the U.N.