Hamas refuses $15 bn for dismantling arms: Official

Gaza: A top officer of the Islamic Hamas Movement stated that it refused $15 billion for dismantling arms, as per a information record.

“Hamas refused a proposal of carrying out multiple economic projects, involving an air port & a seaport in Gaza for dismantling the arms of the movement & modifying its strategies towards Israel,” Ismail Haniyeh stated on Mon..

Haniyeh, who had left the Gaza Strip 10 mos back & is presently in Doha, made his own remarks to the Qatari information site Lusail.

The top Hamas leader stated that the US made the offer using a 3rd mediator that he didn’t name, adding that the proposal has been part of President Donald Trump’s Mideast peace schedule.

“The American schedule is aiming in establishing an isolated Palestinian entity within the Gaza Strip,” Haniyeh stated, adding that a 3rd party “had come to us & made the offer, however we refused it”.

Hamas had captured curb of the Gaza Strip within the summer of 2007 following weeks of internal fighting with the security enforces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

All mediations made between the Islamic movement & the Fatah movement of President Abbas to end over 13 yrs. of internal division have till now failed.

In Mar 2018, afterwards Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah survived an explosion when his own convoy entered Gaza, an incident that Abbas blamed on Hamas.

“Hamas won’t give up the land of Palestine & going to never hand over its arms (or) block the resistance (or) abandon the right of repatriate”

stated Haniyeh, adding that it’ll never sell Jerusalem for amount.

Within the interview, Haniyeh stated that over 13 yrs. of an Israeli blockade enforced on the Gaza Strip caused over 45 percent of unemployed & high rates of poverty.