Zaid Hussain: Let heaven & hell pray for you

Bengaluru: Zaid Hussain, a religious orator in Hikmah Institute gave a short discourse in their own weekly program ‘Fri. Emaan Boosters’ on YouTube channel.

Secret for creating heaven, hell to pray for us

He reveals an amazing secret for creating Heaven & Hell to pray for us.
He quotes an authentic hadith from hazrat Anas (may Allah be accepted with him) that Prophet Mohammad (mpbuh) stated, whoever requests for Heaven 3 times, Heaven going to beg to Allah, ‘O Allah! Make this human to enter Heaven.’
& whoever requests Allah 3 times to safeguard him from that Hell; Hell going to say ‘O Allah! Safeguard him from that fire.’

Hussain states we always pray to Allah for heaven & safeguard us from Hell fire however we never realized that Heaven & Hell pray for us too.

Thus, in future whenever we pray to Allah, we must implore 3 times seeking Heaven & 3 times requesting refuge from that Hell.

Hussain recites those dua’ taught by Prophet Mohammed (mbuh) & wants us to memorise them:
Allahumma inni as’alukaal jannah (O Allah! I inquire you to grant me Paradise).

& to seek protection from Hell we must beg Allah in this way:
Allahumma inni a’uzu bika minannar (O Allah! I take (2) refuge in You from that Fire).

Secret to make dua efficient

Hussain shares a secret to make this dua’ extra efficient. He states Allah has given us 2 sujud (prostrations) in each prayer & he reports a hadith of prophet Mohammad (pbuh) who stated ‘during this sajdah within the prayer, the slave of Allah is closest to Him.’ So, Hussain states don’t shorten our sajdah; instead, lengthen it by invocations.

Within the 1st sajdah, after praising Allah 3 times (subhana rabbi al ‘ala) in addition, we must inquire Allah 3 times to grant us Paradise, ‘Allahumma inni as’alukal jannah.’ Even before we gain up from sajdah, Jannat going to inquire Allah to grant us Paradise. When we prostate for the 2nd time, after subhana rabbi al ‘ala, we must also say, ‘Allahumma inni a’uzu bika minannar’ for 3 times.

Thus, Hussain appeals us not to forget these 2 supplications (dua’) in our sujud awhile praying. Make Heaven & Hell pray for us. In sha Allah, He’ll accept our prayers. Even in case He accepts our 1 rakat & in that rakat in case we’ve inquired Allah to grant us Heaven & safeguard us from Hell, afterwards nobody going to block us from accessing into heaven & nobody could push us into the Hell. Because, only Allah has the authority to accomplish so & He’s agreed our prayers & supplications.

Hussain concludes his own speech by informing, “don’t just make dua’ for Jannat, make Jannat to make dua’ for us.’