Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 19 March 2024 Episode: Aman Tries To Save Roshni

Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 19th March 2024 Episode Written Update: Aman Tries To Save Roshni.

When Roshni falls conscious the episode begins with everybody dance. Everyone adheres to her and her heartbeat is checked by Aman. Everybody yells while Aman gets ruined watching Roshni.

If there is any way Parveen inquires Rubina. Rubina claims about a cave where Roshni could be saved by them.

Farha steps ahead to go as she Taibizi enjoy her and she has to rescue her friend. Locha Pari calls outside Chotu to show something to him. Aman stands helpless and recalls roughly the curse of Lal Chand.

Locha Pari brings Chotu into the tree of love while Chotu scolds her for bringing him there when her Chachi”s existence is at risk. Locha Pari claims till there and this is shrub of love. A lamp that is magic throws but becomes moist. Chotu gets to it Locha Pari requesting him to not.

Farha, on the other hand, comes in search of the gold staircase. Chotu gets trapped in moist and calls out to assistance. Farha comes there and attempts to save Chotu to have stuck on herself at the moist.

Aman recalls Roshni drinking a juice and appears at the jar to locate scorpion in it.

Rubina states that it is the world scorpion and none may save if she is influenced with the toxin of it. Chotu and farha calls out to help and Imran comes there. He gets trapped of conserving them in the practice in the moist. They gets drowned and extends to a cave.

They are also followed by locha Pari. All of them find the staircase but finds three stairs. Aman says that the household concerning the curse whether he have 8 moons and they ask. By murdering himself, Aman makes the decision to rescue Roshni.

Farha imran and Chotu begins walking down the staircase but it does not appear to end. They gets exhausted and Imran makes the decision to go to obtain the stair vanished significance they could move forward. Baagizar is called by Aman however, it simplifies killing Aman. Aman himself receives his sword.

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