Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd January 2024 Episode Update: Shan Finds Devika

Asmita says assure me, you’ll continue to keep our own daughter our love story. Devika Asmita will be made by you. Shan says do not say that.

Asmita says guarantee me, please? Shan states I guarantee. Asmita caresses hugs Krishi and his face. Asmita states you are actually loved by me. Mama, forgive me when I made a mistake. Nevi says do not say that. Asmita states treat Krishi and your self. Shan states no. Asmita says it is my time. Nevi says nothing will occur to you.

Asmita says Shan, goodbye. Maintain my daughter happy. Never leave her alone. You are loved by me. Asmita dies. Shan yells Puchki. He states open your own eyes. Shan states please your eyes open.

6 months later,

Krishi will pooja with Shan and Asmita. They’re joyful. Krishi sees the bells ringing. It drops on Asmita. Krishi wakes up and screams. She yells. Her water is given by shan. He states what happened? Could it be a dream? She states, mama. When will these nightmares quit? Please bring mama back again.

I would like my mama. Shan says and hugs her unwind. Krishi states please bring back her. You tell me she’d come. Where’s she? Isn’t she? Shan says courageous children do not shout. Krishi says you guaranteed you’ll attract mama back. Shan says she is at the authorities.

She’s submitted to some other town. There is a community problem there. Do not worry. I was phoned by her but you slept. Krishi states does not she speak to me? There’s some issue.

Shan maintains that your mama is nice and hugs her. She understands her princess is using her papa. Who will not let anything happen to her? Shan states in the heart. I really don’t have another alternative.

Shan states sleep and take this medication. She is going to be angry at me if mama has to know you are sad. Mama knows what you are doing. Do not cry. Krishi sleeps with Shan. Shan says how can I tell you how hard is it to live with no Asmita. I’m tired. Shan states are you not drowsy? Let’s do breakfast. Where are you Krishi yells and says, mama?


Shan is currently going to the kitchen. He stops. She states how long could it move? You can not be like that. Now you know what the doctor said about the wellness of Krishi. She is not currently going to college. She’s lost her grin. She is not being worked on by any medication.

Quit giving her hopes. It has been half an hour. It is high time for you to meet your promise. Locate Devika and bring her here. Shan states daily I have been on the lookout for her. She is.

I’ve looked for her daily. All I know is that in curing my daughter, God must assist me. My Puchki was taken by him. I will not let anything happen to her. I’m alive for my daughters. Shan gets a call. What is said by him? That is fantastic. I’m coming there. He says Devika was discovered by that the detective. Nevi claims thank God. Where’s she?

Devika is on a bicycle. Everybody claps for her.

Krishi and her buddies meet. She says when are you going to be fine Krishi? When mama comes right back Krishi states again. Papa says she’ll be. I miss her. Chahat comes there. Krishi says that my mama is the world’s mother. She’s pretty although quite straightforward.

She wears saree all the time. Her grin is so fairly. Devika is different. Krishi says she talks loudly. Devika shouts, get ready to rollup. She sings on the point. She’s a rockstar. Devika performs at the concert. She plays.

Authorities come there. Everything stops. The inspector states you can not perform without consent at the school. She is arrested by them. She is looked at by shan.

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