Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th February 2024 Episode: Abir Stuns Meenakshi

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th February 2024 Episode Written Update: Abir Stuns Meenakshi.

With Mishti eliminating her engagement ring, the Episode begins. She smiles and reads the correspondence of Nannu. He writes… You and Abir are correct, its not your error, you noticed me getting drunk, but I guarantee, I’ll never do so, you need to guarantee, you will marry Abir and constantly remain happy.

Mishti says be happy today and I must guarantee, Nannu created me a sacrifice, he won’t disappoint. She is called by rajshri. Meenakshi states Abir is currently devoting, therefore he’ll wed in his manner, the sarees will proceed out of your NGO.

She inquires Nidhi and Parul to pick sarees, where’s Parul. Kunal says she’s with Abir. Will she ask Abir to not trust me, meenakshi believes. Nidhi asks Kunal to shoot a saree to get Kuhu.

Kunal believes what color shall I select, Kuhu is a colour. Kunal understands the call of the lawyer. Vishwamber inquires Mishti are you prepared. Rajshri asks Jasmeet to not get depressed. Jasmeet says my heart is broken, but that I will not allow this home break. She is hugged by rajshri.

Vishwamber thanks. He states I trusted my loved ones, I’m proud you demonstrated that our family doesn’t enjoy Rajvansh family. Shaurya says Rajvansh’s household will break. They depart.

The attorney provides note to the divorce. He states in case you do not need to accept divorce personally, if you do not sign this does not make a difference, I came to provide you this. Can this occur, kunal asks. The note is got by shaurya. Mishti says that I shall keep it.

Parul does the aarti of Abir. Nanu asks why is drinking jalamrit Abir to possess shots. Abir says I was ready by you. Parul says that nothing will fail. Abir says anything could happen, ” I told you what mom made Nishant do.

Parul says she told you the fact, she took a threat. Nanu says, but got worse, Vishwamber and his loved ones are coming but I’m fearful, although not happy connections broke. Abir seems on. They are called by Nidhi.

Mishti messages Abir to get a match. Kunal calls out her and comes to Kuhu. She says I’m getting prepared, you move. He chooses her dress and retains the saree. He belongs. He counts.

Where’s my apparel she asks. Mishti is come to by abir and hides his face. She jokes. He says I do not understand I need to see you or not. She says that its not our union now, you are able to see me. He inquires if she thought of living atomic. She says I do not need to believe, I wish to keep happy now.

He says we’ll be pleased. She inquires did your mother say whatever, I sensed she’s possibly angry, she does not like me. He inquires do these discussions make you happier. She says alright, I will not speak, I want a time this choice is ideal for Kunal Kuhu and your mother, but how does your household live with no. He asks her to think they’ll decide it. He holds her hands.

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