Coronavirus Helmet: Chennai Cops Wear “Coronavirus Helmet” To Raise Awareness

Chennai: “The public, on the whole, is not taking the COVID-19 situation seriously, whereas the policemen are working round the clock,” said Gowtham, the creative artist who designed the coronavirus helmet.

In an attempt to spread awareness about the harshness of this COVID-19 pandemic, a local artist in cooperation with a police officer in Chennai has made what he calls a”corona helmet” to discourage commuters from coming out to the roads throughout the national lockdown.

“The public at large isn’t treating the COVID-19 scenario severely, whereas the police employees are working around the clock to make sure people remain at home and don’t venture outside so that additional spread of this illness can be stopped,” explained Gowthamthe artist that made the helmet.

“I came up with the idea and used a broken helmet and newspapers to do that. I also have prepared many placards displaying slogans and handed them to the authorities,” he added.

The police employees, that are currently serving 24×7 stated that the helmet proved to be useful in making people conscious. Whilst talking to commuters about the roads, police Inspector Rajesh Babu, who wore the equipment, said the strategy has had a positive impact up to now.

“We take all of the steps but still folks come from the roads. This corona helmet is just one. The helmet has been an effort to do something different once I wear this thought of coronavirus comes in the commuters’ heads. Especially, the kids respond strongly after viewing this and wish to get taken home,” Mr Babu said.

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