Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th February 2024 Episode: Viraj Prepares for Engagement

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th February 2024 Episode Written Update: Viraj gets ready for Engagement.

The daily episode Begins with Viraj coming to Fulfill with Prerna. He states mother has sent these garments for Prerna, we moved to mall to receive clothing but… Veena says you strove hard to learn who’s after Prerna’s lifetime, what happened to your hands.

He states I dropped down and slipped, so sorry I could not grab him, I guarantee, I’ll not let anything happen to hope me Prerna, you can be touched by not one after union, cameras were installed by me and hired bodyguards. He is thanked by the veena. He says we’ll meet at the participation, take good care. He belongs.

Komolika inquires servant did he donate medications. He says. She believes I’ll inform him that slave gave him medications if Anurag doubts, he should not remember the past. Anurag is thought of by Prerna. He comes in the balcony. She gets amazed. He states sorry.

She believes you’ve come to inquire personally, to not perform this union. He states as you’re concerned about the ring, which would you tell everybody else sorry for this I came, I have an alternative. That the oil jar is shown by him. Baba is said by her.

Tenu yaad….plays… He attempts to take out the ring. He says I can not eliminate this way, sorry, tomorrow we’ll see it, do not worry, I will not allow you to drop guarantee, in almost any situation, until then, you retain my engagement ring.

She says that I don’t have any issues. He says me I mean a solution will be found by me. He belongs. She believes he does not recall anything, why.

Komolika wakes up and sees Anurag sending out some stuff dawn. She believes what’s he doing. Dadi house is welcomed by veena. Mahesh says the train was because of fog. Mohini says Anurag took presents and left, is there anything in workplace. Nivedita states no. Komolika comes.

As they’re weak Mohini says that my son has a heart, Anurag moved to assist Sharmas. Nivedita says everybody is helped by him. Komolika inquires how long are you going to lie to me personally, you cautioned me I understand she’s smart, she’s likely to grab my husband, he’s my husband. Nivedita says its not.

Komolika says allow Anurag go there, but I believe I must be present to restrain the incorrect, you should inform the facts to me. She belongs. No need to kill them is thought by her, I’ll kill them.

Prerna is come to by Shivani. She states Anurag will come, he’ll remember something. Prerna reveals and smiles the ring. She states Anurag made me wear this. Groom’s ring is asked about by Shivani. Anurag includes presents. Veena is asked by him. Veena inquires how are you.

He says you believed that I will not come, I have some things among this box is for Viraj, three boxes have shagun and this dress is for Prerna. Prerna states Anurag made me does not recall anything and wear this ring, the advancement ceased.

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