Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 March 2024 Episode: Naira & Karthik’s Movement

Today’s episode begins with Naira struggles to match her dress. Kartik offers and comes help to Naira. Naira allows him to button her dress. Naira and kartik shares a moment. The duos also discuss a dance together.

Naira gets interrupted hearing a noise. The duo gets fearful thinking Kairav might have knocked the doorway. Later, realizes sound was created and that a few stuff fell down. Kartik claims to Naira that Luv Kush spotted them doing romance and that fear is still new in their center.

There, Suwarna and Surekha think on how to make a food. Suhasini informs them that ago she planted the plant of tomatoes and it is useful in this time and brings tomatoes. Other facet, Bhabhi Maa and the mother of Gayu prays for the peace in the country. The light the lamp in front of Tulsi plant.

Here, Samarth believes since Gayu gets pregnant he didn’t felt relax and keeps stressing for her. Afterwards, Kairav and provides her birthday surprise and Vansh brings Suhasini. Suhasini gets overwhelmed seeing the family enjoys. Goenaks’s group hugs.

Kartik asks everyone to carry out a dance. Goenka’s dances with Suhasini. Later, cuts the cake with all the family. Kartik and Naira and every other hug. Ahead.

The call is received by kartik. He is told his daughter by the individual from side. Kartik stands shocked. Episode ends with Kartik saying he is coming to meet his daughter.

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