Beyhadh 2, 25 March 2024 Episode 86: Maya Asks Vikram Why You Killed Him

Beyhadh 2, 25 March 2024 Episode 86 Written Update: Maya Asks Vikram Why You Killed Him.

The episode starts with Vikram saying, “You came to know everything know princess?”.

Maya scared and asks him why you killed the stranger? how can you murder anyone?

Vikram replies, what to do princess, I have no other option, think for yourself, if I hand over him to police, they will slap him left and right and leave that’s it. I think he deserves more.

He touched you and tried to threaten you, so I killed him.

Maya says, No, he didn’t threaten me, I don’t know him and she cries.

Vikram packs the body of Rudra’s friend and asks Maya to tell him how you cook my favorite dish. The tape was over, Vikram goes to get the tape and Maya tries to use the phone, but it didn’t work then she tries to open Main door, but it was locked, Vikram came back and asks what princess you are not telling the dish? she tells.

Doorbell rings, Vikram says, relax I ordered some grocery, he goes to door to take delivery, Maya throughs a glass to make noise and inform the delivery guy to help her, the delivery boy hears the noise and comes inside the house, Vikram follows him to attack him from back, Maya shouts “Vikram”! help me! Vikram stops his attack and the delivery boy leaves.


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