Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25 March 2024 Episode: Aman & Roshni’s Lovely Moment

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th March 2024 Episode Written Update: Aman & Roshni’s Lovely Moment.

The daily episode begins with Aman searching for Roshni. He sees and conducts Roshni enjoying a bath in a tub full of rose petals.

He cries. He gets anxious and sees her sinking. He does his magic. Eyes open and sees him. She asks what exactly are you really doing here.

He says that I have begun to see you, were you sleeping. She says that I was tired, will you flip that side, and hand me a towel. He asks. She states that side. He asks are you currently nice, tell me and turns I shall turn.

She statesmen need to have an excuse to continue appearing that side. Chotu jumps across the stones. Farah and Imran appear on. A stone falls down. Chotu is shouted by them.

Roshni asks would you recall our first meeting. Aman recalls. He states I wish this woman is not Ayana. She states she’d have run off if any woman was Ayana, I also did a great deal and remained with you. He nods.

He states you saved my life and annoyed a lot to me, you did not give me an opportunity. She says you are stubborn, arrogant, so you do not trust me. He states I hope you.

She says do not say this my life topic. Because we got married he states, your lifetime got daring. She states it had been easy and better if you were not there with me personally, a bakery would have opened. He recalls hammering the bakery.

He says anything I did, I’m sorry. She says that I know you’re sorry. She slips and turns. Kahani hamari….plays… The stone is held on by chotu.

The stone takes him. He cried viewing the cave. Imran asks the door to open. Farah says no, there may be a threat. He asks what can individuals do. Why are not they coming locha says.

Chotu says there isn’t anyway. Locha does some magical and makes a sense for Farah and Imran. Farah and Imran grin.

Imran states Chotu, do not worry, I’m coming. They cross the bridge. Chotu inquires once I was stuck, why did not you do so for me. Locha says Locha occurred. His mind is held by chotu.

Roshni asks his garments to change. She asks what is this mark Ayana can destroy you. He says it occurred due to the Jinnat sword. She says for me, you did not allow me to adore you allow me to despise you personally, just how many times did you go through this day do I have, that you broke my heart, and gave lifetime. 30mins is said by him.

If you are not able to rescue me she states assure me, you will not be angry with yourself. He says I can not create a promise that is false.

She says mother hills and birds too and I wish to devote the time with my loved ones. He states home is not safe. She states take me home. They hug.

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