Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th February 2024 Episode: Prisha Confronts Yuvraj

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th February 2024 Episode Written Update: Prisha Confronts Yuvraj.

The daily episode begins with Saransh requesting the match to block and ship Prisha. Rajeev is recalled by Rudraksh. He eliminates scolds Prisha and the ribbon. He belongs. Saransh gets gloomy. Prisha cries for support.

Constable asks her to sit. Can I call its imp, somebody, inquire Yuvraj to come and meet me, please Prisha inquires. Constable agrees. Ahana says Saransh can’t be taken by me back.

Why are you penalizing Saransh Gopal inquires? He states he’s the son of a murderer, did you really feel awful, Vasu explained that dad decision is imminent it also came, passing punishment.

He says Prisha is not a murderer. He believes I want to tell the fact that Saransh is the son of Rajeev. She asks him to depart. Gopal looks for Saransh and goes outside.

He inquires Saransh to not get they have icecream and will go. Saransh chooses the Mauli. Yuvraj understands a message. He says and laughs dream car. Constable says Prisha would like to meet with you calls him.

He says alright, Prisha wishes to satisfy me, why is she calling me, I must have her hanged shortly, is she’ll keep me fearful.

Yuvraj arrives to fulfill Prisha. Caring is acted by him. He asks him to state did he lie around Rajeev.

He believes did she know about it. She says that you told me Rajeev desired to kill Saransh, he did not want to understand about Saransh, I must understand he adored Saransh a whole lot, he left trust fund Saransh, Saransh will receive 50 lakhs monthly before he receives 21 years old. Yuvraj gets stunned.

Prisha states his future has been put by Rajeev, you said Rajeev desired to kill Saransh would tell me the facts. He believes one crore in just two weeks, I dropped 125 crores, what will I do Rajeev left a trust fund for Saransh to say I lied to save and shot 12 crores. Maa sees servants maintaining the clothing and stuff of Rajeev.

Servant says Ahana requested us to contribute and to package this. Maa asks it to discontinue. Rudraksh and balraj come. The slave is scolded by Rudra. Ahana says that I advised them to do any issue, this and comes.

Rudraksh inquires why. Ahana considers down cool, I wasn’t included by Balraj by now, its anger. She starts crying and says that I can not sleep, I get nightmares, the untimely passing of Rajeev, I feel like committing suicide.

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