Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27th January 2024 Episode Update: Aman & Roshni’s Misunderstanding

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Aman & Roshni’s Misunderstanding.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27th January episode begins with Aliya stating I’m locating a narrative book. Roshni attempts to help. Aliya retains the record for her. Roshni does not see. She goes outside and receives the telephone from Tabeezi.

Tabeezi states this can be the antidote, you have to consume this tonight, you’ll find a deep sleep the toxin effect will finish. Roshni smiles. Aman is looked for by her.

Everybody is talking. Aliya and Aman come home. Aman says the infant was not sleeping, so we took him. Aliya says he travelled you personally, I used to sleep. Roshni gets mad. Roshni is said by aliya now, and I looked for fairy tales.

Roshni goes and gets a novel. She says the baby will prefer this Ayana novel. The snake drops. The snake compels them to record down. It is picked by Roshni and has stunned viewing Aliya’s and Aman pics.

She throws it and receives the record. Aman asks what is this. That your fairy tale is said by Roshni. She yells. Roshni goes. She is followed by Aman. She says I’m not upset you had a previous, who’s here with a baby today.

I’m angry because you lied to me personally, I’m quite jealous, but I keep it concealed, anything you did now, I won’t conceal the anger, you and Aliya obtained the pics clicked in the secret place, state the facts, give me a respect, I do not care where you go, you should not lie.

Why do I lie, I swear I did not take Aliya into the 18, he states. Roshni inquires how did these pics come. She believes did Aliya do so, I’d noticed the pics. Aliya says I’m amazed, excellent individuals are so dumb, so Roshni admitted that Aman and I have got a connection.

Aman also confessed that you’re his son, you’re his twin brother’s son, you’re Kabir’s son, Kabir was a motive to achieve Aman, today you’ll call Aman your daddy. Aman says I’m not lying, please hope me.

Roshni says you made me forget that which and are talkative, Tabeezi gave this antidote she requested us to drink this. When this toxin becomes off he says, everything will acquire regular between us.

Roshni says when you’re saying you did not visit the place with Aliya, then it’s real I hope you, I’d seen Aliya in the library, it implies so I visit the pics, Aliya did so. He says she’s a girl that is easy, we should not doubt her. She asks once I’m expecting me why can not I trust you, Aliya would like to take us off.

He states Aliya has no magic powers, she can not do this. She states it means you’ve gone with her. They assert. He belongs. She stays crying. Parveen says do not understand when I attempt to receive the infant, can Aliya reach.

She claims Aliya will get sleep and receives some liquid. Aman is in the yard. Aliya believes I will not let them spot up sees him. Aman says I need to visit Roshni. He heads to her and sees Aliya. She yells. Why are you 6, he asks.

A letter is given by her. He reads the correspondence that is threatening. She says where I take the infant no one can stop them. He says do not worry its own residence. She hugs him. The clock is seen by Roshni. She says where did Aman go, we must consume that antidote.

Aliya thanks, Aman. He says that its this infant, not your error and you’re my responsibility. Roshni does not see them coming into the home. Parveen provides the liquid from the water jug and goes into Aliya’s area. Aliya comes. Parveen moves and hides. Aliya attempts to bring Aman.

She asks him to remain for a while, she’ll feel great. He states its late, we’ll speak. She says I must demonstrate something. He believes I must drink the antidote. She reveals the cologne she was gifted by him.

She states I wish our breakup did not occur. That is moot take rest, although he says I understand. He coughs. She provides the water too. He states Roshni is currently waiting for me. She states you are obtaining a cough, unwind. He falls on the bed.

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