Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23 March 2024 Episode: Aman Repeats Time To Save Roshni

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd March 2024 Episode Written Update: Aman Repeats The Day To Save Roshni.

The daily episode begins with himself being stabbed by Aman. He drops down. He is held by the family. Eyes close. Eyes open and finds himself. He sees Roshni living. He inquires are you currently fine.

She says I did not feel do not understand why I’m scared that this time. He recalls her passing. He says that nothing will happen, this is a curse though death comes, it needed to shed. He asks what happened.

She states do not understand, I felt like there’s something behind, what exactly were you saying… He hugs her.

He brings her residence. The incidents that are whole repeat. Where did the stair move imran inquires Farah. Farah and chotu state we do not understand. Imran inquires how do we go home. He says we’re trapped today, what will we do.

Farah says we can not return, we must go. Imran inquires where will we go, when will this staircase finish. He asks Farah to not push against him. They get to the floor and leap.

He conserves Roshni in the injuries in time. Roshni claims that the cake got spoiled, I’d created this for Saima. Aman says sorry. She asks why did you pull on me like I’m going to fall in the water.

She says that I know my life is at danger, but I can not reside in fear, I’ll observe it nicely with the household, together with those…. He states whom you adore the most on earth. She asks how did you know.

Her words are recalled by him. Tomorrow he states you won’t know it I’ll explain. She says the cake can be made by me. He says wait and sees the clock, there’s absolutely no moment.

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