Yeh Hai Chahatein 23 March 2024 Episode: Rudraksh & Prisha’s Holika

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd March 2024 Episode Written Update: Rudraksh And Prisha’s Holika.

The daily episode begins with the society guys asking and coming for Gopal. The issue is asked by Vasu. The guys ask Gopal for ten lakhs. Vasu asks that ten lakhs. The guy says he’s pulled its lost and the cash.

Gopal states that the money got stolen, we’ll find the money the police criticism has been registered by me, I presumed to inform you following the moment that is ideal. When we receive the cash the guy says its great for us and you. They move. Vasu says I wasn’t told by you.

She says you are concerned for Prisha. She says we can not bear it longer. He asks her to not fret. He states that you say that time is not exactly the same, only maintain courage.

Niketan asks Prisha and Rudraksh to proceed with the puja. Sharda asks them to initiate the puja, its their holi. Prisha and rudraksh perform exactly the dahan puja. They beg. They desire to break free from one another.

Saransh appears at them and prays they always remain combined and happy. Will you struggle in prayer too, he inquires, I need virtually any issue, this, we three together. Saransh goes to bath.

He proceeds to see and sees the saree girl. Prisha says I watch and will go. He has locked inside.

Saransh cries for assistance. Where are you prisha inquires. She goes and opens the lock. He hugs her. He states saree aunty I’m feeling. She says that I can go with you personally.

She sees Natasha and Balraj going. Rudraksh comes. Prisha believes was Balraj with Natasha in the room, how can he do so. Hugs states and Rudraksh somebody. Rudraksh cries the servants. Prisha says do not be mad, Saransh is fearful. Saransh claims that red saree aunty…

Rudraksh asks who’s it. Prisha states Saransh and with his fav festival will perform. Prisha and rudraksh take Saransh together. Prisha believes I’m misunderstanding Balraj, I must watch on these.

Mishka and Ahana are in the bar. Ahana states Prisha a whole lot is being pampered by Sharda. She gets mad. She says that I will not provide any entrance. Yuvraj and a quote in the bar meet.

He states I have begun to say my defamation is a conspiracy against me. What crap is asked by the guy. Yuvraj states this has been done by Gopal he had been my would-be father-in-law, I threatened Prisha should come from this prison, I’m fair, he took my judge’s post and rescued Prisha.

The guy is bribed by him. Mishka reveals Yuvraj into Ahana. The guy scolds Yuvraj. He states I heard a whole lot he’s an honest guy get dropped I’ll call the authorities. Yuvraj is thrown outside. He yells. Ahana believes to learn what’s occurring.

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