Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 20 March 2024: Aman Stabs Himself

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 20th March 2024 Episode Written Update: Aman Stabs Himself.

The daily episode begins with Aman stabbing himself with his magical sword and leaves everyone in shock.

The background voiceover reveals the flash back story of the incident that happened. It all happened when Parveen was attacked and gets treatment in a hospital.

Kabir came back in the form of a jinn cat for a purpose. He tells Aman and Roshni that he has already hurt 2 of their family members converting them into a jinn cat.

It is further revealed to be none other than Phupy and Saima.

A state to deliver the crucial ro rescue them to him out of his control is kept by kabir. He states Ayana insists to proceed and Ayana can go there. She gets into the car while Kabir is mindful of it, but Aman within the automobile concealing. Aman and Roshni come into hunts and the jinn for the manner of the major.

They walk and the key is spotted by Roshni. She rushes to receive it oblivious that amount if axes were prepared to strike her if the secret touches.

It is noticed by Aman tries to get in but he is stopped by the protector. Aman stops it with his sword along with the axes that are just about to strike her although the secret touches. He enters through the defense and also destroys the key as well as of the axes.

Kabir gets angry when he did the crucial nor lives of Roshni and Aman. Kabir in order places the massive moon around the home and the home starts getting buried in with all the household in it.

However, the moon breaks and conserves their loved ones.

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