Kundali Bhagya 18 March 2024 Episode: Kareena Tells Her Decision

Kundali Bhagya 18th March 2024 Episode Written Update: Kareena tells her decision on Karan’s marriage.

With Dadi states Arora motive for Luthra’s sadness, without them their loved ones seemed and without them they could live episode starts. She states Rakhi is great why she believes everyone is great like her but by heart that is.

She inquires Rakhi to overlook Preeta and simply to try to remember that Preeta is motive for the condition of Mahesh. If Preeta did poor with her then she’d have forgave her she states therefore Preeta won’t be forgiven by her, she did Mahesh.

Ramona says luthra’s known that Preeta is woman that is adorable. Rakhi says she did not believed this 1 day will be changed like by Preeta. Dadi asks Rakhi to overlook that Preeta was man that is great once upon a time.

Kareena says Preeta wasn’t like being a fantastic man to receive their properties that is 23, a man she acted. Now Rishab is thought by sherlyn and praises her strategy.

Sristy attempts to cheer Preeta. She says that they went luthra home to assist Karan however we were blamed by them. Mahira’s strategy is told by preeta and they stored Karan into Beeji out of Mahira. Janki says since it is waste to assist luthra 16, that they shouldn’t have went there.

She states whenever Preeta attempted to assist them just how do and they accused her Preeta should focus on herself just she forgot problems and the insults Sarla confronted due to luthra’s. Beeji claims nobody can change fate. Their discussions are heard by sarla.

Mahira is joyful because Karan does and hates Preetan’t wishes to watch her face. Sherlyn says being overconfident isn’t excellent. Mahira says till Sherlyn’s fact is known by Mahesh only he understands about her also.

She says she does wanna consider it since Preeta is hated by luthra’s and certainly will forget her. Ramona asks Rakhi to take the decision of Kareena.

Dadi asks Sameer to deliver Karan and Rishab. Mahira believes when Preeta’s thing over about what they’re talking.

Kareena says she wishes to protect her loved ones. Dadi asks Karan to comprehend the point of Kareena. Sherlyn states Preeta pushed the union of Karan to prevent. Rishab asks her to remain quiet. Kareena inquires Preeta being defended by Rishab still?

Dadi says she thought Preeta will stoop this low to prevent the union of Karan. She states their faith was used by Preeta. Kareena says tomorrow, she chose to perform Mahira’s and Karan union to prevent their residence from being entered by Preeta. Karan shocks, rishab.

Preeta says Luthra home will never be entered by her, of the love she’s for them within her heart will be kept by her and it won’t be expressed by her. Why occurring although she believes great for others, she asks?

Sristy asks her not to cry and says she could comprehend the pain of Preeta. She states after the entrance of Mahira and Sherlyn their connection to luthra’s shifted.

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