Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2024 Episode: Preeta Knows Karan’s Marriage

Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2024 Episode Written Update: Sameer Informs Preeta About Karan’s Marriage.

Karan is shocked to hear the facts, he clarifies that Mahesh isn’t nice, Karina points to the fact this is the only opportunity, but she cites that there was a time when they were together but now all of them believe otherwise however they’re no more household so it’s the only manner by which they may make them a household together.

Karina describes to Rishab he shouldn’t be worried for the twenty-five over games of Karan he could go and play and do anything he needs but needs to present her one day of his life, Karina makes him mentally tensed inquiring if he’ll do it for her.

Sherlin indicates Maira to proceed and farther instigate them she moves describing that she’ll agree with any decision he makes but believes that Karina is correct and when they are supposed to prevent Preeta from penetrating their home they then must be wed, Karan agrees to what, Rishab gets mad with him goes upstairs, Dadi and everybody else are extremely happy so that they hug each other.

Shrishti and Preeta are sleeping if there’s a knock on the window, they get stressed, Shrishti clarifies that she believes that it’s Karan so she’ll go and check she attempts to open it but it’s jammed, she states to Karan to come from the primary doorway, but it’s Sameer she tries to open it but can’t do it, they then request him to come from the primary doorway.

If they open the door, Preeta instantly asks if everything is fine, too if Mahesh is fine, he states that they are fine but something will occur which isn’t okay, he’s unable to say anything that creates humor.

Preeta asks him to spill what he advises her Karan and Maira will get married everywhere, hearing the information that she is unable to keep it and moves into alcoholism, thinking of all of the seconds spent with Karan whenever they were together.

She begins weeping after thinking about the way he promised to maintain her palms to get their whole life, she seems at Sameer then says there isn’t any problem since it’s a fantastic indication that they will get married because they’re able to do it whenever they desire.

She turns back then strikes the vase and it breaks that wakes Sarla who believes that it could be the kitty, she goes to look it over.

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