Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14 March 2024 Episode: Kabir & Laila Attacks the Family

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th March 2024 Episode Written Update: Kabir & Laila Attacks the Family.

The daily episode begins with Roshni saying “Baazigar, I have to touch the moon, our family is in danger,” I have to save them, don’t dare to stop me. She observes the moon is becoming black.

She tries to touch the moon.

Aman jumps across jungle trees and the structures to reach Roshni. Roshni goes near the moon. Aman lands in front of her, facing her. She has stunned seeing him. The moon turns black. The moon is seen by Aman.

Roshni is taken by him. Roshni turns off and leaves her sit down. The tower is burst by the moon. The debris drops. Roshni is protected by Aman from getting hurt. White that is ordinary turns. The way from Kabir and laila appear on.

She says a person did not let it occur. You are said by Roshni. She says, do not understand why, I felt dizzy. He says we must depart. She asks what is happening. He says I’ll tell you everything along the way.

Chandni was not poor, Laila was awful. She asks who did so.

She states you’ve hurt yourself also sees his harm. He states I’d no other manner, come. She says I will not go before your wound will get nice. He says we do not have time. She holds his hands. Faaslon me….plays…. He holds her hands. His wound heals. He chooses Roshni together with him. Dadi cries for Phupi and Saima.

Imran says do not worry, everything will be OK. Salma asks Dadi to not stress. Imran says that we will set them they won’t melt. Dadi says do not understand where did Aman goes in a rush.

The moon is seen by Laila. She says its hard to pass million decades and impossible to endure these long punishment, I’ve gone through it only for now, Aman and Roshni snatched this instant in me, they destroyed everything, as soon as a woman is pregnant, poor spirits understand it initially, I proceeded to punish them understand that she’s pregnant.

I behaved to be useful, so they trust me, so I desired Roshni to come and forfeit her kids to turn into reddish moon queen. Kabir says Aman might haven’t refused to sacrifice his lifetime. She says we can not let them go. Aman sees and smiles Roshni.

He asks why did not you tell such a thing to me. She believes does he understand that I gave a kidney. He says it means you did not wish to tell me. She says. He states you believe this won’t be cared because of by me.

She says we’re split and struggle. He says we’re married, you might have told me. You did not inform me before getting a 13, she asks. He says I did not hide anything. My entire life I will do anything is said by her, I did not wish to inform you. Aman is called by Imran. The car stops and replies. Imran states Phupi’s ice and Saima is melting, come. Aman says we’re currently coming. Roshni asks is all nice. He says I do not wish to chat about it.

Imran says Roshni and Aman are currently coming back again. Tabeezi says tension is not great for Parveen. She inquires if she wants anything, Parveen to inform them. The door bell rings. Dadi states I believe Roshni and Aman obtained the antidote for Phupi and Saima. Tabeezi asks Imran to test. Imran opens the doorway and sees Aman. He states Roshni and its own Aman.

Everybody yearns to visit Aman. Where’s Roshni dadi asks are you currently nice, Rubina informed us Laila’s fact. Where’s Roshni salma asks. Tabeezi sees the rock. Their rocks are seen by Everybody. Laila comes. Kabir comes to his avatar that is actual. They measure back and get stunned. Kabir says that my heart gets me.

Tabeezi cries operate. Laila and Kabir grin. Choti says Sara sent me to keep me everybody is near risk, I m worried. The boys come and watch him. Chotu asks Pari to awaken. The boys frighten and laugh. Chotu drops. The lamp drops.

Pari wakes up. Locha Pari comes out and says Chotu is being attacked by them again. The clips of Roshni throw and teaching them a lesson. Chotu laughs. The boys run off. Locha says you have been saved by me.

He states you were stored by the clips of Roshni, keep it secure, we must return it. She says that I won’t. He says you’ve got to. Roshni and Aman come house.

They get stunned seeing everybody. Aman says into have turned. Roshni says we must have Chandni back. He says we don’t have any time. She states that your Ammi is not here. He says we need to locate her.

He yells Ammi… and runs to find her. Parveen hides. She believes is Kabir or that Aman within his or her deathbed. She has stunned viewing Kabir behind. She yells Aman. The doorway opens. Her mouth closes.

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