Beyhadh 2 March 12, 2024 Episode: Antara’s Character Assassinated on TV

Beyhadh 2 March 12, 2024 Episode Writte Update: Antara’s Character Assassinated on National TV.

The episode starts with she enjoys a cupcake. On the flip side, Antara asks him to choose a man and walks around MJ.

Back to the workplace, as Ananya won’t eat the cupcake, Maya forces her to consume it. She threatens her to keep some space. Antara includes a dialogue with Maya, to invoking this confidence in 16, thanking her. From the blue, a couple goons kidnap and come Antara. MJ is concerned that Maya is teaching her and has been a terrible effect on Antara these items.

When he shows to her he misses Rishi, Maya and rudra are alone in their area. She makes him feel much better consoles him. Antara supposes that MJ did so and manages to escape out of the goons.

The mansion is reached by her and yells in MJ. At precisely the exact same time, Antara profile and the information flashes goes viral. The reporter assassinates her behavior and her personality in general public which leads her.

Aamir and MJ are shocked to find out while Antara trembles at the idea of what Rudra may consider her what is occurring. For Antara but Maya explains that she deserved anything happened to her rajeev feels awful.

She shows that she place the blame and plotted the kidnapping. Aamir inquires MJ if he’s accountable for this but he resisted the claims and says that everything has been plotted by Maya.

Rudra breaks and meets Maya in their location. He begins crying as he shows the personality of his mother has been contested on tv. She asks him to return to Roy mansion since he is needed by Antara. They stand out the space of Antara and Rudra admits that both of them have her back so she’s nothing.

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