Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2024 Episode: Sherlin Pushes Mahesh From The Stairs

Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2024 Full Episode Written Update: Sherlin Pushes Mahesh From The Stairs.

Maira & Sherlin are walking when they heard Preeta asking Karan to leave her, but he has held her forcibly, they both see them at once and knocks the door shouting him to open the door.

Karan advises Preeta to remain quiet as there are enemies on the door he goes to check it but Preeta hands him a bat and also prepares herself by wearing the boxing gloves.

Preeta after hearing that it’s Maira decides to depart but they are holding hands and then when Karan clarifies that he won’t let her move Maira asks him to tell her what’s occurring between them.

Preeta asks him to shut the door in their face he does, when they are indoors Maira and Sherlin are appearing out of the window, then Preeta also puts the drape, she states that she won’t allow them to remain there.

Maira exclaims that she cannot see them equally like this they need to do anything to make them stay away, Sherlin clarifies that it is impossible for them to say anything into the family members and has to keep it hidden they then see Karina is coming together with their moms so when they encounter they inquire Maira and Sherlin to additionally arrive together to fulfill Mahesh.

Karina is in the area with Mahesh where she introduces Ramona to him explaining that she’s shortly to be part of the loved ones and Karan will wed her daughter Maira, Sherlin alongside Maira request that they must leave the space and allow him to break, Karina is hoping to fix his pillow when Sherlin asks her to let her do it.

She then bumps his mind that wakes him up, he exclaims he will tell anybody the truth about her and explain that she isn’t great but it is Preeta who needs to be their daughter.

Preeta wakes up and is shocked to find that she’s really near Karan, she wonders what’s the reason and if chooses to open the doorway, she’s shocked to find it is locked form the interior, she moves to Karan who viewing her pulls her closer .

Sherlin is strolling when Maira runs after her explaining that she ought to be pleased that Mahesh is becoming better as this might indicate that she has married Karan.

Sherlin clarifies that she won’t be wed to Karan when Mahesh gets better since when this occurs then they will be thrown from their home because the hatred that the household needs for Preeta is since she informed them that Mahesh got to this state due to her but the reality is she had been the one behind it and when they come to understand about this they then will be thrown from the home.

Mahesh thinking of how he informed Sherlin afterwards creating a great deal of effort, he will tell the truth about her he intends to visit his loved ones and gets in a wheelchair and is regaining his conscious.

Preeta is using Karan she pleads with him to let her go off because she must go and start looking into a thing and consider what she needs to do together equally, Karan asks her to return but she does not listen and goes to find them equally.

Sherlin and Maria are creating a plan to kill Mahesh Luthra because this is the one thing that they can do differently the whole plan that they’ve created will be in ruins, they see that Mahesh is arriving at a wheelchair Sherlin strategy to throw him out of the staircase and place the whole blame on Preeta that will instigate the Luthra loved against her.

Maira goes downstairs out of the trunk while Sherlin takes hold of his wheelchair, she takes him from the staircase then retains his mouth describing that she had been the one supporting the previous accident which results in his coma and now she will do exactly the same.

She throws him off the staircase but he can continue, Maira comes from downstairs, she behaves as though she actually cares for him then when he stops making an attempt she exclaims that she arrived to assist Sherlin as he lives then it’s impossible for them to operate on their strategy, she pushes him off the staircase and he moves to underside of the staircase after crying.

Preeta finds his shout then promptly runs to his help, she predicts Karan and Rishab, Rishab includes running, he attempts.

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